Slayer should get damage reduction vs friendly fire

Since he has no ranged option, he needs to be in the thick of it. And he needs to be moving around and leaping like a madman. In this ranged hero meta, this means he either gets shot in the back a lot or he sits in the back line and does nothing for most of the match for fear of blocking shots. If any class needs resistance to friendly fire, it is Slayer. He can’t sit back and shoot with the others but if he goes in he restricts his teammates ability to shoot into the horde safely. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just some amount of damage resistance so that people can play him the way he is meant to be played without being such a hindrance to the team.

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Where the Slayer is now with post-beta nerfs to temp health, Slayer can’t really just go into the thick of things anymore without the fear of being obliterated, not only by the horde but also by his ranged teammates trying to get a quick group kill with a ranged weapon.

It’s also up to range heroes to make sure they get the other angles that the slayer can’t get to. Instead of trying to take the enemies that Slayer may need to survive off of.

I agree with this sentiment but that doesn’t change how 99% of people play. Most people don’t give a damn. If you are in their way they are gonna shoot right through you, it doesn’t matter to them that you have it handled, they just want to shoot stuff. He has a hard enough time as it is without having to account for his trigger happy teammates in pub matches. I just think if he had some damage reduction against ff it wouldn’t be as large a problem. Still a problem, but not as debilitating.

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Especially because the other up-front melee classes, such as Knight and Irondrake get passive damage reduction. Which I would assume applies to all dmg, including FF.