Slayer Leap? Why change it?

Forgive me If I’m beating a dead horse but i havent been on the forums in a while.

I’m wondering if i’m the only one who completely despises the new slayer leap trajectory. It’s so bizzare it completely goes against the laws of physics. It’s almost as if he goes up, and straight down so suddenly it’s as if gravity doesnt exist and then it suddenly does. I used to main slayer and I could whack a mole a supercharged pickaxe at Chaos Warrior heads with regularity. but now i’m just happy if i can not dive bomb into the wrong position.

What was the logic in changing the slayer leap like this? Was there anything wrong with it to begin with?


FS said it was to stop Slayers from going out of bounds, so they “fixed” the leap by changing the trajectory, also 99% of the community hates the new leap from what i’ve heard.


I fix U in da face!

Had a slayer fly through the floor with leap today while playing with @OenKrad right at the bubble on a Cata run :joy: So it for sure still bugs out.

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He’s a magical dwarf on a magical journey. I said poor Saltzpyre in the start of the video because he went on a potion-fueled rampage after we got off the lift and some ratties weren’t having any of his shenanigans. But little do the rats know, every game is shenanigans.


Yea, that’s the run :joy: I mean, I see him leap forward, I dunno how he ended up down the side lol. Maybe he thought he was playing Deep Rock, and went mining. :joy: None the less, it for sure still bugs out.

From the 2.0 Patch Notes: “Slayer Leap has been reworked to prevent as many out of bounds issues as possible, and to make it more impactful and less disorienting. Aiming the targeting reticule of the Slayer’s Leap Career Skill close enough to yourself will now result in an AoE that does the same effect as the landing would have done, except no movement takes place.”

So let’s see: Out of bounds issues. Can’t comment much on this; they weren’t usually (or ever) an issue for me or my group. Some people like to break thing and abuse glitches, though - and as can be seen from the example above, it certainly didn’t work completely. More Impactful. …I guess? The end acceleration does make it feel like there’s more “impact”, but I don’t think that was ever needed before. Less disorienting. Err, no. It feels like it’s more disorienting now if anything; inconsistent movement speed makes it harder to judge timings and distances. Especially bad now that we got Dawi-Drop, which could’ve worked well with the original Leap (as I often executed it with axes swinging anyway) but now is extremely hard to time as the window for effective hits (close and low enough to hit enemies) is very, very small due to the end acceleration - and, as before, hard to predict.

So yeah, I get the reasoning, but I think the change didn’t work like it was supposed to, with added problems from other sources. I do agree with the no-distance Leap applying only the knockback and boost, though.


Yes the Leap ult needs to be as it was before , it’s not fun anymore