Slayer leap makes my screen go very dark!

Posted it before but I can’t find it anymore.
Anyway whenever I use my slayer leap my screen goes very dark to the point I can hardly see what’s going on anymore. Ofcourse this is not what you want when you leap into a group of skaven or a chaoswarrior and friends. It changed with one of the last patches and it only happens in underground maps/area’s because the slayer ulti actualy used to brighten the screen before, so things were better visable. Now, I am not sure if this intentional or not but it sure is super annoying imo. To the point that using the slayer leap in underground maps is pretty much useless, which is sad I think because as a slayer (and IB) main I have a hard time getting something to actualy slay already since almost everything gets mowed down by ranged anyway these days.
So please change it back Fatshark :slight_smile:


Same here.

I’ve turned the gamma up so I have half a chance of seeing what is going on when I use my special. But I shouldn’t have to; this is surely an issue.

I’m playing on an oled screen and the dark scenes are amazing. Especially with green spellfire. And the action where you need to stay near the cart is fun and can be challenging if you lose your way. But the slayer special issue seems like a bug by comparison.

Plis, pls, pls, fix it. I cant see anything when i use the “F” of Slayer.

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