Slayer Leap, Screen Brightness, Weapon Variety

I love this game and I want to love slayer despite its many shortcomings. The most annoying thing for me is when I leap and the screen goes red, I can’t see a bloody thing. Barely even IF there is an enemy in front of me, let alone if he is swinging.

I can set the gamma way way up but then everything looks wrong the rest of the time.

It is especially bad because of the way your leap puts noclip on you so you end up in the centre of the horde unless you leap straight down at your own feet. Then you cant see a way out because of the brightness issue. Also why cant I cannonball into the front line of the horde and knock them back that way? Reduce the 360 effect of knockback to 180 and add damage to the target you hit to balance that out Very dissatisfying to leap at a boss and just sail through their model.

For the love of god, please change the effect to the screen edges like the overheating effect, slayer is absolute trash right now, and this is the final nail in the coffin.

As long as I’m complaining, if you have two melee weapons then you need enough variety of application to justify switching. Pickaxe / Twin Axes would be great but why bother with the pickaxe heavy when the twin axes shred armour? Limit their AP, increase cleave on trash mobs, and make the pickaxe useable by extending the run forward effect on charge strike to trigger with partial charges as well.