Opinion - Good Loadout on Slayer for Legend

Posted this on Steam already, just wanted to know if the reaction here will be different :smiley:

So this is only my opinion based on the recent plays in Legend (public groups).
What worked best for me right is the following:
Weapons: Greathammer (Power vs. Chaos 10% and Attack Speed and Swift Slaying) and Greataxe (Greataxe only for Talent)
Charms, Trinkets etc.: Power vs. Chaos and Inf 10% each, +2 Stamina, +20% Health, Barkskin, +5 Crit +33% Cruse resistance, Potion goes on longer and Bomb reuse.

Talent: THP on Kill, 15% more power when 2 Greatweapons equipped, Mainstay Stagger Talent and 4 Stacks of Trophy and the 50% damage resistance when chargin attack (which works on all attack apperantly), did not get to lvl 35 yet for “ultimate Talent”

During the runs I ONLY USE THE GREATHAMMER. With Heavy attacks everything is CC able as usual (mixed Hordes etc.) and with light attack even the Rothelms, Bestigor and Maulers melt away quickly thanks to the extrem % up in Power through Talents and Properties. Boss damage is okay up to good; for that you also could use the Pickaxe/Greataxe, but the fast decline of Trophy-Hunter makes this a bit of a gamble.

  1. Loadout that also works for me:
    Axe/Dual Axes and Dual Hammers, same stats as above and same talents except that I use the 10% attack speed increase talent of course. But I found that less effective in some situations. Even though the crazy high attack speed of Dual Hammers made most Horde encounters a bit easier.

The Slayer jump is nearly useless now for me, just use it for breathing room when it is reasonably safe :smiley:

Any other Slayers that had similar/different experiences with 2.0?

P.S.: I really love the throwing axes, but for that you have to neglect the 15% power or the 10% attack speed and that is, sadly, not worth it, in my opinion.


See your a fellow Slayer lover! Used to be my go to “main” hero until the slayer leap tweak.
Before could fly like a god and headshot a chaos warrior right in the face mid leap, or jump right in saving someone on your team from being headshotted.
But since the new expansion seems like slayer has gotten company of a ghost pulling him fast out of the air and the end of the leap, making it near impossible to do any of that crazy FUN stuff anymore sadly.

Even craklax the most famous content creator of “slayer plays” on twitch doesnt like the new slayer leap and some of his new talents from what heard.

Hopefully they revert the slayer leap mostly to the old one and ditching that anchor he has attached to his feet right now.


You should instead use two Greathammers so you can chain light attacks much faster by quickswitching weapons.

I have already sometimes played that even before the talent changes. It is quite fun build and works well.


The new jump is wonky but I think I personally can get used to that silly drop and actually time my attacks for it after some time.

I love the new talents though (besides the 5%cc one). And as far as loadouts go, I agree with most of your choices apart from using AS/CC on all my weapons and instead of the greataxe, I suggest using the pickaxe to mine delicious chaos ore. The one hit dunking of trash talking CW has become one of the most fun things. I loved the 2h axe before the patch but I feel it is very weak now, since hammer does hordes better, and pickaxe does armour better.


So im not the only slayer main who feels there jump has been… stolen.


Interesting, have never tried that, putting it down on list of Stuff to try!

Ahhh yes I also miss the Jump plus heavy pickaxe oneshot attack on CWs and Bosses :smiley:

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Alright I will try the Pickaxe with Greathammer again, used to take Pickaxe “only” before 2.0 with the Talent that made Trophy Hunter last longer (5 seconds if I remember correctly) for that crazy Heavy-Attack-Headshot-Crunch-Damage and of course the Epic flying Slayer attacks :smiley:

Yes I guess one can get used to the new Slayer-Leap but I still don´t quite get the need to change it anyway. I read somewhere that it was because of “exploits” on maps, but I don´t remeber ever doing that.

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Funnily enough, the fact that dual axes and greataxe were absolutely tereible in the first WoM beta is what made me start using the pickaxe and I love it now. Especially combined with hammer’s horde control ability it’s fantastic.

And I assume they wanted to get rid od the silly floating jump bug so that’s why they reworked it. Try jumping “under” half opened gates like in Righteous Stand’s arena at the sides at the beginning. Makes for some very unexpected trajectories

I simply find Slayer unfun with how this new leap and how some of the talents feel. If I had to choose between throwing axes and having a better jump I’ll choose the better jump every time.

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The most weird talent of the new ones are row 3 think it is, where you have to choose between 1 - hand loadout and 2 - hand loadout. Because they are so much better. Dont like how this talent row cuts off half of your weapon builds just because one talent.

And the slayer leap… yeah… lets just say hope they revert it. Stopped playing him mostly because the new leap alone to be honest.

Made another topic about the throwing axses how they could do some small changes to make them feel good allready. Some small minor faults, if could be fixed think would like them actually.


Row 2 yeah. My thought in the previous betas was that each talent in the tier ought to grant a baseline bonus which then increases if you take 2x the weapons specified. e.g.

  • A Thousand Cuts - Increases attack speed by 5%. Wielding one-handed weapons in both slots increases attack speed by an additional 5%. Dual weapons counts as one-handed.
  • Skull-Splitter - Increases power by 10%. Wielding two-handed weapons in both slots increases power by an additional 5%.
  • Hack and Slash - Increases critical chance by 5%. Wielding a one-handed and a two-handed weapon increases your critical power by 20%.

That way there’s still interplay between the weapons you take and the talent you pick, but you aren’t completely locked into one choice based entirely on your weapon loadout - there would be room for flexibility and basing it on your playstyle.

As for Leap, I would like the old Crunch!/increased knockback talent back, that one was great and it’d be ideal in the new CC era.

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Don’t like row 2 because it limits builds and hybridization.
Skull-splitter and Thousand cuts are simply far too strong to not take.
Row 3 is whatever. It depends on how you feel about this being a completely different game now.
Impatience is neat in concept and stacked with no escape is silly but ultimately is weighed against our relative far less survivability. Unless they buffed slayer to 125 or something.

Row 4:

  • Oblivious to Pain is awful. Frankly speaking. I’d rather them just scrap it entirely and put Stoutfellow in its place. By far the most damage coming in isn’t from elites or monsters, it’s the friggin specials. which this talent does nothing for.
  • Grimnir’s Focus does nothing for specials either if you get pounced, grabbed, or disabled but, it helps mitigate incidental damage during hordes. The stipulation is that it lasts only as long as that 2H and sometimes not even that long if you transition into a block. Meaning that things like a 2H axe heavy + followup isn’t safe with how this new stagger/slot system integrates with itself.

Row 5

  • Dawi-Drop sucks. It exists for one weapon, pickaxe and nothing else and even then it’s laughable at best.
  • Bounding leap would be nice if leap worked up slopes, stairs, and didn’t have insane gravity and almost no verticality. Also if enemies didn’t auto react with upswings which you must block and essentially making it so you have to block more upswings. You will save nobody with this skill.
  • No Escape is still the only good one. Well I can’t say this opinion isn’t at least somewhat influenced by ostinance. But after 40 games with it I still hate it.

Drengi Grit is not a replacement for stoutfellow or moving target. The stipulation being that you must pair it with Grimnir’s Focus to get any mileage out of it, else you’re essentially playing a career that can eat the same amount of hits as ranged careers. I’m fine with them taking down survivability a peg but combined with the changes to leap you’ve lost a significant amount of team helping potential for not a whole lot of gain. Technically do more damage when combined with the stagger system right?

And as a small disclaimer, 2H axe feels significantly worse to use. Well I guess that’s more just a problem with the tier 2 meshing with my particular playstyle preference, so that’s whatever. All in all with all of this out of me, I’m a bit burned. I sincerely hope that you slayers who are having a ton of fun going into the future. I’ll be bowing out for awhile. I’m not having a lot of fun. You guys stay awesome


Did some more testing and made a slight alteration to the original build I posted.
For one I followed Callous´s advice and went to Pickaxe and Greathammer as combo, works really well. Pickaxe puts up boss damage by a good amount.

But I switched out the 4 Stack Talent for Trophy Hunter for the good old Adrenalin Rush, since I noticed that WHC and Merc make the Maps much easier with their AOE Knockbacks.
And it really helps, with the ultra dense Hordes Adrenalin Rush is constantly up and allows good rate of casting it on the ground for the AOE-Knockback only effect. Really helped to take the pressure of and allow Teammates to do more damage to the staggered enemies.
I don´t really miss the 10% more damage, so it seems a good trade-off.

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