An attemp to build Slayer for cata:

After some testing i ve came up with a build that seems to work pretty well in most situations, mind you this is some broscience because i was to tired to test everything in modded relam in order to be able to explain why X instead of Y etc…There is nothing special about this build regarding playstyle.

If you wonder why i share this build with no clear explenation the answer is that i want to know if my build helps slayer to be more consistent with swinging his 2h hammer (less ghost swings) and with push while maintening good dps and some survivability.

Pretty straightforward build, dont even mind using light attack against SV when crowded my slave, just mindlessly spam heavy attack and it will work but You can use push attacks here and there against SV. QQ canceling is a must against CW tho. If this build works well for you i suggest you to use mainstay instead of the 7%power level, maybe 800 power level inst needed but it depends on how properties power increase interact with our hereo total power level (feel free to share any info regarding that into comments plz).

  • Now the build quickly described :
    Weapons: 2h hammer & any other 2h weapon
    Trait: Opportunist on 2h hammer, w/e you want on seconde weapon and berskin no swift slaying on 2h hammer
    Properties : 20%chaos power, 10%infantry, stamina, stamina regen, health No attack speed at all
    Talents: thp on kill, 15%power when dual welding 2h weapons, 7%power increase,insurgency (or w/e it s called, take the talent that increase ult cooldown regenration), 50%damage reduction when swinging and mouvment speed on ult.

  • Quick explenation:
    From my experience (played 4h-5h) it s by far the most consitent build regarding ghost swings and pushes beeing useful, the fact that you have no attack speed doesnt impact you at all because you easly get your ultimate back. I was destroying beastmen pretty easly (dont forget to dodge while swinging 2h hammer heavies when needed or as a reflex), with this build you have almost 800 power level and you stagger everything(idk how it affect push tho but it probably do something). The 20% chaos and 10% infantry helps you a lot to stagger those nasty beastmen. The loose of mainstay didnt affect my dps that much against CW you still melt them in 5-6 strikes when at full stacks.
    If you have a sienna or an elf equipped with hagbane make sure to tell them to shoot you/near you at will in order to proc berskin witch makes you invulnerable (how irnonic).

I hope this will help you to actualy die in glory instead of bending at the first beastmen horde :skaven:


Ah you’re curious for confirmation? Your build works. Furthermore it’s even better if you just take two 2H hammers because the boss damage is still respectable with swapping back and forth to cancel the animation of the first hit. It was one of the first things I tested out in about 103 hours of Slayer. Correction:

109 hours of slayer.

The real problem I have is that, for me at least, it’s pretty damn boring. No variation, no flexibility, no gameplan adjustments, just quick swapping lights to kill armored, bosses, and specials while spamming 2H attacks into literally everything else because the damn thing is next to impossible to stop mid swing meaty. If you’re in a bad situation, with the changes to his jump you phase right through every single enemy, and you can land enough lights on the other side to keep pressure off as well as keep yourself (and your team) safe.

Because of 50% ONLY being reliable when used with the 2H hammer, it gives slayer over 150 health. Which is then thrown onto barkskin as you quite literally soak hits.

The only sore spots are flags and bosses, mino in particular. It’s miserable. And because you don’t employ a light weapon, you’re completely at the mercy of your allies with special elimination. If a hookrat travels through a wave and nobody interrupts it you’re simply dead.

Outside of that it’s fine. It works. I just don’t like it because I’d rather have a 2H axe.


I ve never liked dual 2h hammers because it s just lame and the Q cancel just becomes too insane while having 2 different weapons seems a bit more “balanced” and less boring (especialy with pickaxe).

Otherwise, yeah slayer with 2h hammer is pretty straightforward, no need for strategy nor planning compared to dual axes for exemple. I like to play the “stagger role” of the team tho, there is a sort of satisfaction bullying those beastmen to death.


Yep. Back in beta 2, I iterated through every imaginable Slayer build and landed on this. I hate that it’s the most consistent thing I found, because it involves spending 85% of your playtime spamming heavy attacks. It is legitimately more risky to try and dodge or push than it is to keep spamming heavies to keep your reduction up and just take it in the face. While that does fall pretty well in line with the concept of Slayer, it feels super crappy to play.


My setup:
2h axe: AS, CC, SS
Pikaxe: PvC, CC, SS
Neck: health, stamina, Boon
Charm: PvA, AS, Decanter
Trinke: Either MS or SR, CC, Shrapnel

Talents: 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3

All movement speed works wonders with the slowness of 2h weapons, especially since it seems to greatly amplify the small lunges in the 2h axe attack pattern.
For horde clearing, I use one of the following patterns, depending on the situation:
charged, charged
charged, charged, light
charged, light, light
push, charged, charged
push, charged, light
push, light, light

3rd light attack has insane cleave-power, so if you need space, you want to chain into it as quickly as possible. Especially charged, light, light and push, light, light are good combos to cleare and stagger. What I try to maintain is a steady charged, charged, light rhythm that I switch to charged only when carreer-skill is active and SS proced.

This is a really good cata setup that lets me avoid a surprising amount of hits that I usually eat without the movement speed buff. I mean, under ideal circumstances, you have 60% movement speed going.


I can see this work but my issue with greataxe and 155%mouvment speed build is that when you swing your weapon you drop to like 50%mouvment speed and that crazy speed drops makes the combat feel a bit clunky (almost like playing without Nowobble from my experience).

It takes some getting use to it i guess.

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The state of the game when the meta requires you to build around ghost swings…


Right? I actually love 2h hammer builds, but this is silly. I think 1h attack speed builds is the way to go, dual hammers and axes or maybe even 1h hammer for the push-stab. I always get hit during 2h hammer’s attacks/pushes -_-

I loved running both a dual wield and a 2h weapon on Slayer, but the new talents drive everyone to less variety. Really dumb, especially considering this was mentioned already during the beta.

But look around here. The silence of FS is deafening.


They could maybe remove them and replace them with 2 talents that would either increase light attack damage (or any other stat) or increase heavy attack damage (or any other stat). The two talents dont necessarily have to be a mirroir.

I totally agree, why isn’t the 3rd talen in that row something specific to having a 1-hand and a 2-hand weapon combo?

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