How to play Bardin - Slayer after all the changes

Suggestions ?

what’s your poison? 2h or 1h? pick one and build around that

personal preference, 2h hammer and 1h axe, speed/crit build and dmg mitigation talents
movement speed on ult.

Now that Dash ults have been “fixed” you shouldn’t get murdered trying to spam F because it wouldn’t proc previously

I Use Dual Axes (attack speed/ crit chance/ Swift slaying) and Two handed Great Axe (crit chance/ power vs Chaos/ Swift Slaying), Most of the time

There are quite a few threads about this. Both people pissed off about slayer changes and people posting post 2.0 builds. Check the “Vermintide 2” section or try out the search function!

Sorry boss, that build is no longer viable…or much less viable than before

Your 2nd talent line forces you to choose between 1H weapons or 2H weapons. If you insist on having both types, go play another class.

I rock DW hammers with crit/att and 1H axe with BCR/Stam

yes that’s right… 1h (single target anti armor) weapons with defensive traits is the new meta. Get used to it.

Yea I’ve heard Dual hammers are the best option

Slayer is one of my fallback Careers - when I just want to relax and slay things or am having a bad day with other setups, I can return to one of a couple of tried-and-true setups and still do well enough.

The setup I use at those times is most often Dual Hammers/1-h Axe. Nowadays the latter can be replaced with Throwing Axes, though; they’re a bit harder to use effectively and slower, but fill a similar niche and do things at range. Set up the Hammers with full attack speed, the rest of equipment is pretty much as you wish (although Parry on the Axe can be surprisingly useful).

On Talents there are only a couple clinchers, too: Temp Health on Kill is the strongest option, though Cleave works with the hammers; A Thousand cuts goes with the 1-h Axe and Hack and Slash with Throwing axes; Adrenaline Surge lets you keep Leap up pretty much all the time. The rest is again preference.

Then just keep hitting things with the hammers, switch to the other weapon when you face armor or other single targets. Keep moving, too (though not too far from the team), and use Leap often.

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