Slayer Leap Heartbeat and Sound

Slayer’s Leap is much better now without the fear of flying into space. However, the “music” (heartbeat and drums?) that play after you press Leap needs a bit of a tweak. Makes it nearly impossible to hear specials running at you (e.g packmaster through a horde) and just adds another layer of silly extra difficulty to the spec. Sound is an important feature in the game especially when you’re forced into melee. Heartbeat maybe seems a bit thematic, but in practice it’s just a bit of a nuisance. Also I’m pretty sure Slayers are super in-tune with their surroundings during combat and don’t go deaf. Other then that, love the spec :smiley:.


Since we’re on the subject (and I meant to make a topic about this) the Leap darkening your screen on some maps is pretty rough to deal with as well.


Absolutely agree. The whole visual and sound combo needs to be changed.

While this would be OP as hell, and I understand that, I still think that Slayer should get a second passive that gives him a 1 pounce/hook forgiveness on a 3 minute cooldown. That way, I wouldn’t even care all that much that I can’t hear the chittering of a gutter runner.

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I agree, but I’m more annoyed by the visual filter in lower light areas. Sometimes I can’t even see what I’m swinging at!

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It’s not the lower light areas that I find problematic , but certain environment/lighting combinations. Athel Yenlui has been the worst for me, as it essentially stops me from being able to make out Globadier clouds and puddles. Iirc, it may actually help you to see in Hunger in the Dark, but I’m not sure about that.

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This issue present in zealot as well, just slightly softer. For me this problem is in the same line with shaky cam on some maps, preventing you from scoring headshots. Cool effets that are cool when you first see them, but get more and more annoing as you play more.

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And I think I’ll finally get around to making that thread today.
Take as dark as hunger in the dark is. Then take your visibility when there’s light. And remove that visibility if you press F. Not being able to see as well as hear makes using your career skill down there a pretty high risk action

Ya I need to go record some gameplay of all this i guess. Not sure if it’ll help push for a tweak / fix, but worth a try i guess?

Going to try to get some recording done tonight. Is it worth posting on this thread? Not sure if Fatshark reads this stuff or not.

It couldn’t hurt. I’ll also go ahead and take some screenshots. I know of a lot of places where your’e expected to fight where going F reduces your visibility to near 0.

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