Slayer buffing

  1. thing you really should do and it was asked way before me is to give invulnerability while leaping. That way it is easier to get to ranged mobs or it is better when you are trying leap away or out from the horde. Simply you dont get interupted.
  2. thing i think another stamina shield should be added to dual axes and maybe to 2 handed hammer.

optional things: maybe a movement speed boost so you can avoid hits better, this way also still requires more skill to play than if you would just boost the health of the slayer or give him dmg reduction. Plus it is a good gap closer since slayer does not have a ranged weapon. It is pretty frustrating when other classes one hitting everything before you would be able to get close. Class needs to be more versatile in order to fulfill it’s job.

As you see i do not want dmg buff or sustain buff or everything like that because slayer would lose the skill to play. Yet i think these are adjustments that need to be made.

I think other “mobility” skills could too use some sort of invulnerability change.

I get often random hits during Krubers Valiant Charge and thanks to lousy hitbox/delay I sometimes get hit or outright downed by enemy that was supposed to get knocked down.

(also that change to be able to walk over downed enemies would be fine :hearts: )

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