Slayer Bardin lack of range

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since I seem to be one of the less players who rly enjoy the meele classes in V2 I cant stop thinking about my problem (only prob) with the slayer class… its lack of range.

I really enjoy the mechanic of this class but just today i had again an experience that told me, there should be smthing done bout it.

I’m not in the warhammer universe at all and what i read bout slayers totally fits the V2 career, but he got more weakness than any other class, even the zealot has ranged weapons. Being a slayer LMS there is simply nearly no chance with specials spawning that u survive.

I rly dont want him to much changed but maybe give him the option of weapon throw or smthing like that so that he can easily kill a jumping assasin or has little more options towars pack masters would be so awesome. I’ve been playing since tech beta and never wanted to buff any class, I like playing em all, but the lack of any ranged option makes him way to hard to play on legend. champ with a descent team was still ok, but not being able to get any special at even low but not meele range suxx.

I’d love to see him throwing his axes (even at a low range as long as its not meele) at enemies wich could grab him somehow. give him e secondary weapon like the drake guns for IB, min ammo and just the slightest possibility to get away from the mentioned ones, because if the jumps not rdy u die. being last survivor is like : U DIE!

maybe some other players have opinions of this issue and i rly hope u think of it again. V2 is so much more range orientated than V1, having a class without any ranged option is kind of stupid :-/

tl;dr: slayer needs even a minor option to hit at range for grabbers or others alike. Slayer roxx!

I think his leap ability is already the “minor option” he has for ranged, it lets you quickly engage from a distance and you can even charge up your charged attack mid-leap.

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I believe technically slayers can/do use ranged weapons in the lore while zealots would not.


Not really true though. Specials are easier to take down from range, but you can take everyone down with melee.

Gunner/Flame rat: leap at them if close enough, otherwise hide behind something to lure them close enough for a leap / axe to the face.

Globadier: run up and axe to the face

Packmaster: dodge his hook attempt and then kill him. (you can dodge sideways or diagonally back right when he tries to hook you, OR if you leap at him and time a charged attack you can kill him with an axe to the face before he has time to hook). If you want to be super pro, you can crouch at the right time to dodge the hook (very hard)

Gutter runner: Kiting and dodging sideways is the best way to dodge a pounce, you can also push at the right time and push them out of a pounce. If you stay near a wall and dodge sideways so they hit the wall that will buy you enough time for an axe to the face. I’ve heard that if you slayer leap at a pouncing gutter runner you will win, but haven’t seen it pulled off yet…

Life leech: the leech “grab” thing is super easy to dodge - even if you hear him teleport in but not know where he is, just start moving / dodging sideways and as long as you don’t dodge directly at him you can dodge the grab. And then of course axe to the face.

Storm sorcerer: beware storm, find sorcerer, axe to the face

Long story short Slayer is an absolute beast at melee (better than all the other classes) so being disadvantaged at ranged is the only way to keep him balanced.

just had a game again as LMS…leech incoming, but he got me inflight…thats ridiculous, I totally understand ur point in him being strongest meele class, but there is actually no neew in an other meele weapon, throwing axes with 10 ammo would be nice on him

after all its just a suggestion, I keep playing him, but only with 1-2 mates so i can count on em :smiley:


No, you can’t dodge the grab by ducking. Yes it is/was in the voicelines, but it is not in the mechanics.

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Maybe combine Victor’s rapier mechanic? So slayer could have some ammo on Axes, can throw them, which will change his weapons to second melee with low CD.
I think slayer is fine. But trowing axes just would be fun :smiley:

I think slayer is in a good place. With the recent tweaks and balance changes slayers have found some real footing in high difficulty groups.

I think when trying to add ranged to slayer you just fall into the same trap of making every class the same.

Yeah, by that logic Bardin would never be grabbed haha he also can’t actually duck at all… he just sorta… tilts his head in an awkward way that makes him an inch or so taller XD

I still think that Slayer should throw empty beer bottles as a ranged weapon

let him carry a normal barrel (the ones we find, as in, makes them actually useful.) on his back and use it as a ranged weapon. Extra damage if it’s ale because no dwarf in his right mind will be happy about wasting ale.

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