The game is not designed for the lack of ranged weapons, the slayer feels useless

As title, there are maps like halescourge or skittergate where the only way to get grims is to shoot stuff far away, there is also that map that requires you to shoot nurgle’s pimples, as kruber would say, and you can’t even melee the troll when there’s bile on the ground all around it without getting damaged.
Other than gamebreaking stuff, the slayer is in a very bad state right now as every role he’s supposed to cover can be done better by a number of other characters, and he’s even sacrificing his ranged option to do this mediocre job.
It’s been said again and again, just give Bardin some throwing axes and lets be done with it.


bardin’s also the only class that can pick 2 melee weapons.

you are thinking of being a swiss army knife with 1 character, but the truth is that this is designed to be a team game. bardin’s dual axes are armor penetrating and swing very fast, and he can swap to another melee weapon to be a melee specialist. in team games you want to protect your ranged classes to take care of threats while u focus on the melee.

he’s designed to be a melee character. it’s up to the player to find his worth and niches in games.

While I kind of agree with you, they should have given him something. An axe throw as a weapon special like Victor’s pistol shot on his rapier.

they kinda did, an ability that leaps you to close gaps. maybe not a good implementation, but it’s a stab in the right direction.

Well that is not completely true since u can get knocked back in mid air from gunners, throwers and storm…
And u can be picked up by an assasin jumping on you midair too.

I love slayer and i still play him because i like it and in my opinion he doesn’t need a range weapon BUT he does need another lvl 25 talent.
After getting everyone to lvl 25 i have to say, that Elfen ranger and mage talents completely break the game for them to be able to shoot without any concerne about ammonition. Slayer lvl 25 talent is a joke…even iron breaker who is stronger just because of his defense becomes THE TANK at lvl 25.