Two Changes Slayer needs- Seperate Stamina Usage on both Melee Weapons and invulnerability frames on Leap

I love Slayer and I think he is super fun to play as, though I think he could use increased Cleave on max stacks for his dual axes but that is seperate thing.

However I think that there are TWO main reasons that Slayer has a problems on Legendary and Champion and I want to propose two changes that would make him much more viable as pure melee char:

  1. Make both of his melee weapons have SEPERATE Stamina Usage. Currently if you used Stamina on your first melee weapon (blocking, pushing etc.) and switch to your Secondary Melee - you have stamina reduced by what you have used with first weapon. Imo that not only doesn’t make sense but also takes his only advantage away by have two melees vs loosing range: more stamina for blocking/kitting when in the middle of enemies.

That would boost his surviv greatly by smart playing with switching to secondary weapon to maximize his defense when needed. Imo having both melee weapons stamina connected takes away one of very few pros of having 2 melees in first place.

  1. My second proposition is to add invulnerability frames to his Leap. When you activate it- you can’t be hit by anything. On Legendary even one trash mob lucky hit on you when you leap may cost you fight in the long run. He is already most risky career to play as. I think frames would help at least with his initiation of a fight. invulnerability frames end when stagger effect starts.

As for his other things: I think he is in good spot damage wise, however maybe add 1 or 2 more stack to his Trophy Hunter passive to boost his damgae when he is all out. That would help him vs bosses more and with elites among horde when you try to stay alive while doing constant damage around you. By increasing stacks you incraese damage done to elites among trash when you connect few hits.



I really think they should add a 1h mace and 1 axe combo. I think that would help his CC with his damage.

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