Buff Slayer career

The fact the slayer has no long range abilities should really be reflected in his ability to double down on hand to hand, i dont think the balance is right at the moment especially with how much damage he takes and the amount of shields he has , needs a buff imo

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Slayer is one of the strongest careers on the live build right now. Having no ranged option isn’t a problem when you’re literally a dwarven cannonball made of axes.


His damage output is fine, its the toughness part really, i know hes not armored but for a brawler he cant take that much punishment

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Try using ‘oblivious to pain’ for your level 10 talent if you’re not already. Really helps to keep your damage taken under control

O.o slayer’s damage output is insane. i think he’s pretty balanced atm.

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Slayer is my main, I love it! However, I really wish do wish they had a throwing axe or something. Mayne make the dual axes throwable?

Youve got to be kidding. You do know Oblivious to Brain exists, yeah? If you also know where your dodge key is, you’re about as durable as IB. His dual axes aren’t “doubling down” on hand-to-hand, they’re quadrupling down. He’s insane.

He defenetly don’t need buffs, Slayer’s contribution in a party is prety good, he’s also insanly good in a clutch moments.

I think he needs some tallent reworks, but it’s true for the most careers, there are too many tallent tiers on any career where the right choice is to obvious and no-brain. Some nerfs to the strongest, most picked tallents as well as some buffs to underperforming tallents should be a step in a right way.

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All I really want out the Slayer is a slight buff to his Great Axe cleave damage. Before this latest patch on Xbox, I could charge one hit a SV. Now it just bounces them around and I have to light attack headshot them a few times. Maybe buff the attack speed slightly on the axe, even though his attack speed is already insane with properties and ult.

If any of Bardin’s career was to be given throwing axes, it’d have to be Dwarf Ranger. Giving Slayer a ranged weapon very likely isn’t going to happen, and dwarf rangers often carry throwing axes in cannon.

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Sounds to me like you need to keep playing him and optimizing your skills.

He’s incredibly strong and I would say is a top tier pick.

Oblivious to pain is a must. Barkskin on him is phenomenal. His third tier damage reduction on stack is great as well - if you are willing to sacrifice the cdr of the third talent.

slayer is arguably just as survivable, if not more survivable as the iron breaker because of his ability to leap and run out of trouble to save a run. Ironbreaker has no mobility so if he gets cornered with a couple of chaos warriors whaling on him he’s pretty much screwed. He can help prevent a team from dying but if the team is already dead then it’s difficult for him to get the speed and map control to clutch.

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