Improvements Suggestion for Slayer / Witchhunter Ranged Weapons

Hello there

I started playing V2 after i played the heck outta Deathwing. Both these Games are different and i enjoy it very much, since im a bit of Warhammer Nerd ^^

Well i have some suggestions to adress depending Mechanic and Class specific.

Monster Dmg
I dont know why he has no passiv like 5 - 10% Moinster dmg. Hes a Slayer, he slays Monster before Breakfast…
Well i think its a must have since other classes are able to have Monster Dmg twice in their Loadout and he cant. Everyone has a Ranged Weapon in this Game and is able to have 20% Monster Dmg.
" WE ALL KNOW HOW STRONG RANGED IS " sry but it makes no sense

U cant tell me that it would be Overpowered… I tell u why. To Melee a Boss u have to get very close and need to be prepared to get Hit Hard. Others can stay outta Range and just shoot all day long without taking Risks!

Slayer only has his Melee Weapons which is totally fine with me of course. Yes, i know that in the new Patch the Game gets easier and Melee Weapons are buffed, but not Dual Axes

Slayer Attack Speed and Potions

Okay, my Slayer is build around Attack Speed and Crit chance with Swift Slaying which is nuts XD
Its a lot of fun to play. I run Dual Axes twice, one with Crit and Speed, one with Crit and Power vs Chaos. I have Monster Dmg, Crit Power, Attack Speed on Trinkets aswell. The Dmg output standard is alright, BUT

Use a Speed Potion or a Strength Potiona and u can see the difference…
Strength Potion_
does shitton of Dmg when used with my Build

Speed potion
The Game Breaks, i feel like there is a CAP to how much dmg u can do in a certain amount of time. Speed potion gives u what, 50% more speed. I alerady have the maximum Speed u can get on Slayer and with Speedpotion Slaying Monsters is really, really underwhelming. I reckon that with more Speed u should do roughly the SAME DMG AS WITH Strength Potion. But no, its not even comparable… No sense in taking that Potion anymore. Like i said, it feels like there is a Cap to DMG or the Game just doesnt hold up to the Speed in which u do Dmg in short of a time.
I try to do a Video next time so u can see!

Witchhunter Ranged Weapons
First of all, the Goal is to let People use all of the Weapons and not just Crossbows, since the other Ranged are neat aswell

Rotary Cannon
Well, i really like the Weapon but it doesnt hold up to other Ranged u have with this Class. Wheres the point in using anything else than Crossbows… U have Infinite Ammo which i really dont mind, but the other Weapons get useless somehow.

Give more AP to every single shot not used to kill one Target, when using " 8 Shot "
For example u have a Horde coming, u use your " 8 Shot " and 3 Skaven die, but each one of them only needed one Bullet in the first place… When u rock, Scrounger u cant get the worth of Bullets back, u just sent at them.
Bullets that are not necessarly used to kill the Target should Travel on and able to kill Skaven behind them. So u get the worth of Bullets back u used. This should only apply to " 8 Shot " Maybe u make it so u can get at least 4 Bullets. If u add that to Bleesed shots which use no Ammo, u are bale to get some Bullets back fix!
Scrounger on Rotary should Trigger with said. Maybe then Rotary is too Powerful? Okay, then make it so, that u only get 1 Bullet per Bullet back on Rotary when using Scrounger with Crit Hits. We dont want it to be OP right!
So you dont even need to give passiv 10% more Crit chance on Rotary like u have on Single Shot Crossbow!

Dual Pistols
Well very underwhelming compared to the Rest. No sense using them, right?
I still like them on my Saltz, becasue they fit him perfect and i want it to be good, but meh… :-((

Dual Pistols, should get a Passive Crit Chance like Single Shot Crossbow, so you are able to trigger Scrounger more often. Maybe 10% aswell, or at least a solid 7.5% would suffice i guess! I thionk 10% would be cool, so u can have them Drawn all the time. Not the best AP and no Penatrating mulktiple Targets.
They have no AP and cant get through more then one Target if im Correct, plus they are called Versatile which is my next Point.

Dual Pistols called Versatile?!
Versatile in what??
If u say Versatile then make them so. Yes u can have both Pistols drawn, but that doesnt make them Versatile right…
Give a Double shot to these Babys. When u Draw both Pistols, u have your Weapons Special which only works on so little the Weapons. Only know Bow and Dual Pistols, Rapier…
Make them able, when drawn together, to shot both Pistols at the same time when using Weapon Special THAT would make it more Versatile!


Slayer has the Trophy Hunter passive that gives 3 stacks of 10% damage buff.
If you want to hurt a Monster real bad use the great axe and just power attack.

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Fully charged attack on the Warpick also chunks the bosses health quite a bit. Problem is with most bosses he aggros you right away so typically you can only get one attack on him but it does do substantial damage to them.

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