Should slayer leap put you into a dodge state?

I seem to remember many patches ago that the movement based ults like FK charge and Handmaiden dash put you in a dodge state which broke enemy target tracking. However I noticed that it doesn’t seem to affect slayer leap. On hosts with high pings I’ve gotten hit while midair by enemies already 20 feet behind me.

Recently I was doing deeds with a slayer in a party and we were fighting a troll. He was in front taking the aggro and I was behind chopping away at it’s back. Well the troll decided to do an overhead attack and the slayer leaped to avoid it, his leap took him through the troll and over my head. The troll instantly spun a 180 and smacked me in the head. And I mean INSTANTLY, faster than you can blink, wasn’t anything I could do to avoid it.

Is this a problem and should it be fixed? Or should it just be considered a feature to differentiate leap from the other dash ults? Another possible bug is that Kruber’s dash makes him stick to terrain and the moment he goes over a ledge he will drop straight down, which makes it impossible to cross even the smallest gap while charging.


I’m pretty sure handmaiden dash dont put you in dodge state ( you still can be grabbed by unlimited range hook ) Not sure if FK charge because of his pushback

This might be as well host - client issue. Yesterday I got hit by CW sliding overhead, while staying behind him :thinking: And there were no other enemies around, so its defenetly was him.

What about dodge state, it really matters IMO when you fight bosses. They tend to do 180 degrees turns when tracking zealot or slayer, and knock down whole team staying behind. Same goes for invisible elf going invisible, but people already kinda learned not to do that, and invisibility interrupts attack animation for bosses, so team have time to react.

About Kruber, not that I want to fly somewhere with a man, equipped in plate armor, but its feels very stupid when he gets stuck in a smallest rock on the ground. And I dont see solution for this one, maybe make floor flat? ) At least decent push range helps, you can actually push back enemies, which are 2-3 meters away from you, and even behind walls. I use this trick for disabling gunners.

I had a similar situation where I was corner trapped by a Spawn and I tried to use Ult to leap out of the corner, but the Spawn was on it’s final swing animation and grabbed me mid leap.

Zealot shares the same problem as Footknight, where the charge gets stuck on a pebble on the ground. Super annoying. I don’t seem to experience this same problem with Hand Maiden, maybe because her stealth allows her to phase through? Which annoys me that Huntsman and Ranger stealth doesn’t allow them to phase, but I’ll chalk it up to Elven perk.

Conclusion: I hate environmental objects that serve no purpose other than trip up or block character movement because they’re incapable of lifting their legs to overcome obstacles.

Zealot can charge mid jump tho, which footknight cant.

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Are you going to do a small hop everytime you want to charge in an attempt to avoid tripping on an obstacle?

Exactly what I do as HM


Well I already do that for other dash classes so yeah. This is just a hunch but the reason FK is stuck to the ground is probably the fact that he does knockback when charging whereas the other classes simply phase through enemies. FK charge also has a short windup time about the duration of a jump, so jumping before charging has no extra effect.


You just cant start charging until landed i believe

Ah, ye, tested, Im wrong. FK charge just dont maintain “height over ground” of your body as you moving.

Fighting on Engines of War, small totem/obelisk in a courtyard just prior to getting the last tome up by the three statues.

Saw a slayer leap from the top tier to attempt land on the bottom floor get hooked by a rat in mid air about 10 feet away. I guess the hook starter miliseconds prior to the jump. Cue slayer extreme cursing in Khazalid.


Well, you’d be doing a sloppy job as a Slayer trying to get yourself killed in battle if you make the enemies unable to attack you as you leap into (or, Grimnir forbid it, out of) the fray.

Ignoring the lore for a few seconds though, I agree. It would only be fair and consistent with the rest of the movement abilities.

However, if Leap is changed to put you into dodge state, shouldn’t Holy Fervour for Zealot do the same thing? Or does it already do that and I simply don’t know that it does?

Handmaiden dash and zealot charge put you in a dodge state yeah. I think FK charge does too but it’s hard to tell because it works differently.

It would be sufficient if if caused that dodge state for a quarter-second. Already reduces the issues had.

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