Footknight charge question

Currently footknight’s charge can be cancelled with any attack, though it should be a dodge-like state, as stated in 1.08 patchnotes. So is it intended, and if it is - can it be made uninterruptible, as getting valiant charge stopped by a slave rat feels kinda… less valiant?


The charge windup period is interruptable, the dodge state comes after that. But its not working really. They added the same state to HM dash, and i was hit several times during dash and after in stealth mostly by fanatics, since they tend to turn after your dodge. So back to block spam…

I see, kinda ruins the point of skill anyway. #Make valiant charge great again!

Just want to clarify, in case there’s some confusion (not sure from your posts…)

“Dodge-state” simply means that enemies attacks stop tracking you. it does not give you i-frames. so attacks that have sweeping arcs for example may still very well hit you while you’re charging.

The fact that the charge is interruptable through ANY damage (or even a push) however, is incredibly dumb and should not be the case. it has also been discussed previously on the forums.

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I thought dodge-state is uninterraptible as i got hit during dodge, but didn’t noticed dodge to get cancelled, so i assumed charge as well would be uninterraptible. The whole point is it should be possible to continue charge while getting hit.

Im aware that theres no i-frames on dodge in this game, but its not working properly either in its current form. Extreme example, but happened to me, situation is the following: fanatic horde runs towards me, i have all the aggro, allies far behind me. Way before the first could even reach me with the running attack(3-4 m before contact) i dash into the horde. What should happen here: I should have the dodge state on that 6-8m that im dashing, and covering that distance much faster than an attack animation could get through, and immediately after the dash(and the dodge state) ends i should enter the 3 sec invis state, these would imply that i wont get hit at all, since im the only “target”, but shouldt be targeted at all since the out of reach starting point and the mentioned stuff. Then heres what happened: i got hit DURING dash, and AFTER it in the 3sec invis. So something is really not right. Only noticed the dodge ignoring on fanatics tho.

The issue is annoying and could be fixed by giving kruber a few frames of invulnerability immediately after he uses career skill.

This would drastically improve the feel of the class and would make him much more fun to play

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wtf even is the point of this post then

Completely agree. I love having a charging/knockdown Footman on the team, but I hate it when he uses it and the game seems to just say… ‘naw… not this time tough guy’ lol

Personally, I just view this as part of the skill required in using Foot Knight’s (or any other) dash ability. Better positioning, a little bit of clean room to start, and so on. It certainly is annoying when it happens, though.

Here’s a trick though (although you may well know it already): If you block after dashing, you stop the dash right there, and on FK, push enemies around you normally. If you block before activating the skill, you can keep blocking through the dash, and thus avoid at least some attacks interrupting you. Release and block again immediately to stop the dash. Handmaiden (and iirc Zealot) can also attack while rushing, but Knight takes a special stance to charge, so he doesn’t seem to be able to.

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