Dash is not graning dodge state

Kerillian Handmaiden ability is not granting dodge state, making talent Gift of Ladrielle “must to take”

That’s normal.
Here’s a tip though : if you block before using the ability, you keep your block state for the dash. I you block during it cancels it.

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Uh… no? You do know that you can block whilst dashing, right?

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All the “move fast in a straight line” career skills we got so far follow the same rules. You can get hit, grabbed, and hooked while moving. Even FKs “move not so fast in a straight line” does.

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Guys, I really do not understand.

Is it okay for you that fatshark claimed they added dodge state and it isn’t working?
Is it okay for you with ambient rotating at the 9000 ambient velocity?

I have 2600 hours in this game and I know u can block during dash.
I know that if you dash through super stacked horde or chaos patrol for extra crit or bleed dot you gonna get insta killed through block
What are you trying to achieve?


Activating Handmaiden Kerillian’s Career Skill “Dash” sets her into a dodging state, which makes it easier for her to avoid certain enemy attacks - such as overhead swings


I mean there have been God knows how many threads requesting dodge state for this and FK Ult and possibly other similar ones. Never seen anyone seriously disagree that it would be a very welcome change. Certainly hadn’t realised it was something FS had said they’d done in the past.

It’s kinda like HS Longbow zoom and a manual toggle. The subject has been beaten into the ground so at this point either FS does it or they don’t.

Always good to see these topics get repeated exposure but yeah doubt anyone has much left to say on the topic at this point. Agreed it should have dodge state, hope it’s something that happens before the game is fully left behind by the devs.

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Linking patch notes from August 2018 ?
I’m not going through them all, but this could’ve been reverted at some point.
I do understand the report now since it could’ve also simply been overwritten by a badly pulled code branch at some point the same way many fixed bugs have been reintroduced with Engi patch.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever been hit during the dash. Could it be the dodge state ends as soon as the dash ends, enemies start tracking you again and since you’re not actually timing the dodge state you get hit at the end of their animation ?

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That change never worked as far as i know, which has prompted an endless amount of threads where this was mentioned or even highlighted. It is just another example of bugs and intended bugfixes that did not get solved even years later, we got more than a few of those.

Normally enemies wont attack quickly enough to hit you during the dash unless you dash through a teammate fighting enemies…which to be fair isnt unreasonable. The main way this manifests as an issue however is hookrats since trying to dash through a horde with one around will just result in getting grabbed and instantly killed.

Which makes the “silent hooks” bug all the worse for handmaiden.

And you can tell that the dash does not count as a dodge since it doesnt stop enemy tracking whatsoever so if you try to say dash infront of a charging mauler or other elite there is a significantly large chance they´ll follow you. Even if they have to do a complete 180 on their charge.


Then don’t post lul

Cause you are playing Gift for Pussycat talent

Bruh me not knowing if it was reverted is not worth less than you posting 2 and a half year old patch notes.

Nope, usually Power from Pain with a glaive.

Don’t see this as necessary. I use Bladedancer at the moment and I think I can use to get the aggro of Chaos Warriors and others. Not sure this would still work if the dash gives me a dodge status.

180 ° spin attacks by bosses, Chaos Warriors or Packmaster are happening but are so rare that they don’t pose a larger problem. They can also be avoided by just paying some attention and not using the dash as a “Get free out of Jail” card.

Okay, I guess some of players just love to eat pumpkins

FS: we implemented this
Me: this is not working
Typical forum chad: it shouldn’t, this is fine, no one told you it would, problem is exaggerated, you are mayfly at this game

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Guys, open topic in feedback and talk there about how you like pumpkins and how anyone else are ratmen.

This is bug report thread, no one asked your opinion tbh.
You either confirm or disagree about bug

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