Bardin's Leap - Getting Stuck


I play slayer a lot on Legend and one of the main thing that’s bothering me is getting stuck by NPCs after a leap.

Few reasons for that :

  • Leap is still bugged and you get just slide over some distance and get stuck in a horde because of collision to NPCs so you just glide right in the middle of a horde with no way of getting out.
  • Sometimes you just miss your aim and end up unable to move. All targets around you are knocked down, lying on the ground but you still get stuck by collision as if NPCs were still standing.

After playing Handsmaiden quite a bit, I found that dashing through ennemies is quite useful and even after dash she can just get through NPCs for a few seconds. Which is quite a breathing ability to get out of a sticky situation.

My feedback is as follow :
Allow the slayer to be able to move through staggered ennemies (from the leap)
“Roleplay” wise that would make sense to just be able to “walk over” knocked down ennemies for the whole duration of the stagger effect. That wouldn’t include chaos warriors or the like but at least allows more safety and better positioning to a melee only character.


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I once activated leap but got downed by the ogre before my jump ( because my buddy decided to activate his shade ult that exact moment). When he rezzed me, i automatically finished my leap animation.
On topic, the collision with terrain can be a bit clunky yeah. I wouldn’t change too much about it though. I think leap works pretty decent as is.

I wouldn’t change much either but being able to walk over knockdowned ennemies would make sense and provide more mobility to a melee only character. Especially when you can’t fire at specials from distance, being able to move away and not get stuck would make sense in my humble opinion.

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