Slayer's Jump is like a lead balloon

Hey guys, admittedly I’ve not made a game or know how hard it is to make things feel right. Throwing Axes are however absolutely on point , so I wondered if someone in Fatshark can put some love into Bardin’s Jump… I argue that the latest patch has made it feel like he drops like a lead balloon. But what I think really makes this ability lack luster is the fact you have to be on the floor /not already jumping, or falling, which often means you end up fighting with the ult button by which time someone else has gunned down the enemies you were about to pounce…

I’d love to see his jump make use of some of the skills I learned in the early 2000’s on games like quake and teamfortress or maybe like Winston from Overwatch where u get a bit of momentum in the air and bounce when landing with a short (bunny)hop… (sidenote: I prefer footknights charge to the sudden teleport/dashes of the other classes also…)


Slayers jump should be like the assault marine jump from Space Marine, if anyone is knocking on enough to remember it.


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