Skitarii for 5th class

Since the game is offline for a day, and I’m already in withdrawal for my lasgun, even with the awful overcocking, I have time to come to the forums and talk about things I want.

I want a Skitarii for fifth class. Skitarii were featured a bit in the top down tactical game Mechanius.
Now, the biggest objection to it is that it would be weird for a skitarii reject to not be recycled in house by the machine cult, but I imagine there could be some sort of explanation written in.

You know you want to wear this robe. Admit it.


I want this

and a ratling

No ratlings.

I hate ratlings now.

I never heard of them before but I hate them now.

I hate them because way…way too much banter about them. Seriously, Everyone in game needs to shut up about ratlings. I can’t so much as shoot a pox walker without hearing about drunken ratling snipers stealing and sniping.

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To vent, you can go kill some ratlings in Vermintide.

I keep getting flame rats instead. :frowning:

That said, back on track, Skitarii have radium carbines. I imagine they must have one that’s shielded enough for use near the unaugmented.

I’d like to see unconventional characters in season 2 but they’d need new intros. Skitarii wouldn’t be on an Imperial prison ship. If they step out of line they’re made into servitors.

I think we can all agree that the only abhuman this game truly needs is a Navigator :smiley:

In terms of lore, they’d need special treatment. Maybe not prisoners, but sent in by the Adeptus Mechanicus as support.
Hardest part - Explaining why the Adeptus Mechanicus would send in some of their highly prized infantry into combat with throwaway units (you, the player). Yes, we see Hardon helping the team, but that’s from the backline where she won’t be endangered senselessly.

While the Machine Cult is kind of rough and most of it’s leadership has traded in it’s humanity, we can see in the game Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus that even then they are still very protective of their own forces, servitors included even if they are expendable. They view themselves and their creations as better than humanity and mingling with as well as supporting humanity is seen as necessary evil.

"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh,… it DISGUSTED ME!
I craved the strength and certainty of steel.
I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine!

Your kind cling to your flesh, as if it will not decay and fail you!
One day the crude biomass that you call the Temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you!
But I am already saved, for the machine is immortal!

Even in death I serve the Omnissiah!"

If my main is a 6’2" guardsman veteran, and I can barely see past the dumb Ogryn, how the hell’s a Ratling supposed to see ANYTHING? And what’s he doing to contribute to the melee?

Don’t care. Let the ogryn eat them with onions in a stew.

But a Skitarii could use his implants to scan the battlefield and calculate indirect fire over the ogryn’s head.

Skitarii > rats in every way.


Also, cog shaped power axes.

Gotta agree, while I do think Skitarii look cool a humble mindwiped combat servitor would be more appropriate.

They would fit in with the criminal backgrounds theme more since criminals are major source of servitors, they have a variety of configurations and modifications (arms replaced with powerful weapons like heavy bolters or piledrivers) and are known to be readily supplied to the other branches of the imperium including the inquisition.

Youd think they wouldn’t have a lot to say in missions, but then you wouldn’t think the medicae station would ask you to keep it company either.


I predict: Catachan Jungle Fighter

That’s a good point. A servitor would be also fun to play.

Yeah that medicae station has really given food for thought. Why was it programmed that way? Or is it even still slightly human?
Some if it’s dialogue is eerily haunting.

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I grant the machine cult likely wouldn’t let it’s rejects loose. They’d be recycled in house.

But we have Dan Abbott working on this game as a writer, one of the top w40k novelists. I’m sure he can write around the problem.

We don’t really need that solution ourselves to say we’d like a Skitarii class though. Maybe a shipment of mostly dead Skitarii are passing by, and the inquisitor decides they are needed. Maybe anything.

Long as we can come up with an excuse and hint loud enough, we might just get to wear red robes and be radioactive.

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I don’t know too much about W40k as I’m just getting into the lore and some books now.

Right now I’m reading the Grey Knights Omnibus. And one of the Inquistors had Death Cultist to command.

So could Death Cultist character be within this game?

Melee blades / Throwing Knives?

New classes could just have different story cinematics, they’ve been assigned to support a last ditch effort, hence fighting alongside prisoners

Give me anything cult mechanicus to play as pls

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Long story short, Inquisitors can get pretty much anything they want, and the only have to answer to their own. That’s not to say there isn’t anyone with enough pull to slap them down, but there’s not many and none who would do it casually.

But Fat Shark has invested in the storyline “Rejects will rise.” “Suicide squad of convicts” idea, so if we convince Fat Shark to add something in particular, it either needs to fit or have a way to write it in without too much difficulty.

Everything is potentially on the menu by special arrangement, but a lot of things would require too much arrangement.

I’m hoping hoping a 'shipment of semi-dead Skitarii being shipped home for parts + getting seized by the inquisition" might fit the ‘rejects will rise’ theme, or any cover-story that gets me my radium rifle.

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I would pay SO MUCH for any sort of admech class, no matter how ‘balanced’ it ends up being I will play it endlessly