Next Operative Skitarii or Techpriest?

just a suggestion .

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Actually, I was thinking a malfunctioning skitarii would be a fun idea. It’d fit in with the idea of a bunch of misfits and washouts.

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Still think disgraced Tech Adept is the best way to go for a Mechanicus character. They would have the most character and wider array of usable weapons, as well as potential for a cooler skill tree than a basic skitarri.

Yeah, but the whole theme of the game is “4 convicted / discarded throwaway schmucks are sent to deal low tier heretics and the occasional weakened warp horror that somehow escaped into the real world”.

Tech Adepts would be a similiar power level to space marine or Guardsman General.

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Tech adepts are generally below the level of enginseers or even being referred to as techpriests (although sometimes the term is used as a general catch-all from anything from a newly oiled acolyte to a magos coughInquisitorcough), and I think is lowly enough to fit in to the Mourningstar and are also low enough to go into the various Mechanicus paths like skitarii, data-smith, engineer, etc.

Yet Skitarii fit the theme much better because they are the actual throwaway units of the Mechanicus.

I know you’re probably really wanting those Tech Priest robes as opposed to the hacked together parts that are the Skitarii. But just theoretically speaking where our ‘convicts’ stand, not only from a powerlevel but also a socio-economic factor (within the game world).

I just don’t see Tech Adepts being mass exiled like that.

I do, they get washed out all the time, with the majority of them being reduced to menials or turned into servitors. It’s not out of place for the inquisition to intercept a shipment of cogboys that’s destined to be servitor’d and press them into service.

Not religious enough? Servitor’d
Too religious but two left hands? Servitor’d
Got on the wrong side of the resident techpriest or magos? Servitor’d
The AM grinds through their manpower as much as any other institution in the Imperium.

And socio-economic concerns? In a game where every ex-imperial guardsman has at least one but more usually multiple plasma guns and bolters? Where what may be just a deranged religious nut having access to thunder hammers? With that, I don’t think it’s particularly out of place at all.


Well-argued, I do see your point.


If we were full Penal Colony style I would agree with you. However at the end of the leveling arc you are practically armed and armored as a full retinue member of an Inquisitor, or at the very least a Storm Trooper squad.

We are talking Tech Adepts, not Priests. Lowest members of the clergy type stuff. It is nowhere near a SPM (that would be a Secutor Tech Priest) or a Guardsmen General (that would be a Dominus Tech Priest), both of which are some of the highest ranking members of the Mechanicus.

There are hordes of menial Tech Adepts who ensure that the will of the Omnissiah is enforced, the majority of them in non combat roles. Just as a Priest or Enforcer may make a mistake or legitimate error and be punished so too may a Tech Adept. It makes much more sense from a lore perspective for an Adept to join us rather than a half lobotomized Skitarri.

Tech Priest yes, Tech Adept it really depend on the writing

Do note that Tech Adept aren’t really a thing, the only real previous use of the term is Martyr/Prophecy, which also play fast and loose with the established lore.

So Tech Adept would be anything that the game would need it to be. As long as GW\Abnett and FS can make it work

Agreed . Skitaris are also usually slaved/ connected to a tech priest as well so there is no room for individuality on a skitari and very limited on costumisation.

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