Skaven enemies standing inside a monster

Skaven horde enemies can sometimes get in the same spot a monster is. They are able to hit you while you are unable to hit them, the only option is to block and first of all know there is one thats inside the boss.


I don’t think its bad, kinda makes sense boss blocking for them, whats worst is when the boss is dead body will still block until it despawns. Mostly just have to be aware and back away from body. If boss still alive just have to do the dodge dance and let the boss kill all enemies around him.

It’s not annoying when a boss is doing their slam combo’s, in that situation i don’t mind, i’m blocking anyway.

The issue is when you are fighting a chaos spawn and you are walking it and there is a slave rat inside of him and their attacks aren’t syncronised, then you are forced to either take a hit, or let the boss do its combo, because you cannot kill the slave rat because its being blocked by the boss even though it can still hit you.

Another situation is when you phase a bile troll and there is a slave rat inside.

Other situations on other bosses are when kiting them and the slave rat attack isn’t syncronised and you just have to block. Also difficult to see sometimes, which will result in a hit taken.

Yes technically you can play around it, but i don’t think its intended. You can also play around enemies phasing into you and just block.


ok wait.
Are we talking about DEAD boss corpses blocking hits? I’ve often wondered whether dead CW or SV stop hits too. I’ve taken hits from a slave hitting me through a Roger body though.


My issue was more with bosses that are alive, but if slave rats can walk into dead bosses bodies, this is the same issue.


This has been happening for a long time. Fatshark even made a super boring stream explaining their slot system.

Unfortunately, the enemies do not always respect their slots.


Some armored corpses definitely block your hits

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