Skaven bombers should become a regular spawn

Hello. I would like to suggest that the Skaven bombers become a regular spawn - similar to the groups of Plague Monks or Savages. The bombers should have some sort of restriction to their spawning though, both to make them unique and not overbearing. If they do become a regular spawn though they probably shouldn’t drop ammo.

I was thinking they could be a rare spawn for Skaven hordes. This would be a fun way to challenge players.


With more details why not.

You mean gas rats?? Pls no

He’s talking about the new weekly event bombers.

Yes this week’s mutator adds squads of skavenslave suicide bombers, which will run at you and explode. It’s fun if you haven’t tried it yet, but does get a little tiresome. This is why I feel they should be a lot more limited in the main game than they are in the mutator.

Those units are extremely OP and IMO make this weekly mutator quite obscene .

Fatshark is not giving players enough incentive to even play the mutators. There needs to be some payoff to the challenge for it.

Ive been asking for a while for new skins or weapons or new costumes and they could use participating in these events as incentive to earn them.

They are testing the weekly mutators for balancing through us, which is a bit, i don’t know, lazy, could at least be written down somewhere as a warning.
But they will be used to give a reward in something (coins, gold, etc) for Lohners Emporium of Wonders, which will be an all in-game (no microtransactions) store. Go to the 2nd most highest floor, there is room in which it will in. No date yet when it will be added, though. Plan is to sell cosmetics in it.
You can only get that info by watching the stream, or maybe written down on reddit, here, or steam. Watching all the streams is very time-consuming. But thats the way they handle it, so you just have to hope to find it on the forums or subreddit.

I’m listening to them, all the time T.T, they’re coming …

P.S: Pls, more time between one Skavens-bomb wave and other.

Yea the reason they are so OP in the mutator is because they are always coming. Making them only spawn a few times per level, like berserkers, would be a nice balance if they ever made it into the main game.

Don’t know if its my imagination but I don’t think penetrating rounds pass through the bombers. Went into my first match last night with a grudge and was finding it exceedingly hard to take out multiple bombers with one shot. If this is the case, I can see why this particular weekly is so difficult.

It would be a very minor change (gameplay wise) but I feel it would do a lot for the balance of this particular event.

All you need …


Yeah thought so as well. They are currently testing for charging Beastmen, which will disrupt i.e. knock back players. What would be awesome (idk if it allready does btw) if hey where included in skaven hordes. So horde with bombers could be bigger in number but if you’re able to hit the two or three bombers in time you would blow big holes in the enemy lines. Could be real fun.

Oh console player here. No weekly for me :frowning:

I’m glad with a continue spwn, but more slowly pls.

Wouldn’t mind it being added to the normal round of specials. However you would have to figure out how to balance them as one single suicide rat is sort of a free grenade. They are only dangerous in packs.

On the other hand one suicide rat in a bad spot could knock the whole team off a cliff.

im ok with that only if i can PING them and max of 3 spawn in horde

i would say 6-7 otherwise they are pretty much not gonna be any issue

from what i see the only way to kill them is range weapon(the way u dont get any dmg) if u go melee them well u know. and 6-7 is a bit to much for a melee class to PUSH them all. 3 is ok number for melee class and handgun-crossbow loadout or any single range weapon. if there is a chain reaction kill(explode) one and all other to then if u ask me 20 is the number

That’s actually pretty interesting. You could adjust the number of bombers to the difficulty level, so in Veteran there’s only three and maybe in Legend there is something like 5-6. Would love to see more stuff like that.

I’d like to see them slightly rebalanced for regular play to make them less obnoxious to fight.
I’d like to see them killable without exploding if you hit them in the body, similarly to how killing fire rats work. Alternatively make them not explode if you kill them on the ground (you can currently push them while they leap and they’ll lie vurnerable on the ground for a bit, but still explode if you kill them).
I think if you don’t make them counter-playable without a ranged weapon they’re going to be not very fun to fight in the long run.

Presuming you do rebalance them slightly, they would absolutely be a fun addition to regular games as a rare spawn!

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