New loot bonus - random character

Much like the game rewards you for doing quickplay, why not add another one for playing a random character? this would specially come handy when releasing a new class since everyone will pick the same at least a new endgame loot bonus will encourage some variety.

Also if you can, please add more exploding enemies, thank you santa.


Your main point is an interesting idea, but this:

You just don’t want Slayer, Grail Knight, or any other potential non-ranged character in the game? Because if you add exploding enemies as a regular occurence, these characters won’t be very attractive anymore…

The boomrats as an occasional occurence are kind of interesting sometimes, but I don’t think kamikaze-bombers work really well as a mechanic in a melee centered game. That’ll stop being fun and start being aggravating real fast.


I disagree, they could make them only explodable in specific ways, like destroying the backpack of a flame rat for example, thats really cool green explosion consuming ratties and can be avoided by using some accuracy.
I kinda wish the flamer rat ogre would explode in a similar fashion IF you only attack its arms. but for the sake of melee units it should give out visual cues thats about to go boom, similar to this:

I just love visually how it looks when somethin explode in the middle of the enemy mob, throwing them and their pieces everywhere, i kinda wish it happened more often.

This is not a bad idea, but unless the chance for a red improves i see no point in going random hero. Still, it wouldn’t hurt.

I like what you write, except the part of more kamikaze-Skaven come running.

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Never said kamikaze skaven, i asked for exploding enemies, like the flamerat, their prime directive isn’t to explode but if you shoot their no no zone they go boom.
Very specific thing to please people who took the time to learn what they are doing.
This game explosions are beautiful and the physics throwing things everywhere is also great, i just want to have more opportunities for it to happen.


I feel they could implement kamikaze bomber rats, thinking of adding that as a special and making it so when you push it away while its jumping at you it blows up where it lands.

Currently the kamikaze rats are dumb because you can only snipe them, pushing is also possible but it doesn’t remove the rat, so melee is always gonna take damage. So changing it where you can either push them once or range them to get rid of them could be fun i think.


Maybe add it as a feature to teammates. Snipe that IB in the bacrifht ppace and his drakefire weapon will explode in a glorious fashion. :shushing_face:

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