Are y'all Excited about "The Mutators" Update ?!

Or Nah ?


I imagine it’ll be pretty fun, but tbh it’s not what I really would have hoped for for new content. I’m sure they have reasons that are compelling within their company for why they didn’t do this, but my thought would have been that I’d prefer to see Deathwish and Onslaught as approved mods; not accepted as “official” new difficulties, but allow them to be played in the normal realm, and make it so you can join lobbies that are labelled as such, but not get them in QP (so you’re not just like “wtf is going on?” if you don’t know about them).

Beyond that, I’d rather see things built into the base game that shakes things up; new enemies, new items, things like that. Again, I imagine it’ll be fun, not trying to diss their work.

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My pool of friends is doing deeds together every night, so this will be a welcome change.


Exactly, Me personally I’d Rather see new Enemies with new Maps and New Heroes, but who knows maybe these Mutators going to be fun as hell

at all

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It’s not so much how the deeds or mutators work, rather the rewards were completely lacklustre to make them worthwhile. I think the new system of forging your own mutators will use up all the 999+ of crap cluttering up the inventory, but if you can’t choose to have 4*emp vaults for doing the real hard mutators it’ll be another RNG headache/fail.

I’d rather see something like “if you want 4 emp vaults you need to add 5 mutators costing scrap each.”

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I actually don’t think that using this as a crafting dump is a good idea. It won’t be sustainable that way. Gameplay should not be limited and the deed rarity is one of it’s greatest set backs currently wouldn’t you agree?
Cosmetics are the right call for such a thing.

If FS plans to do this as a difficulty replacement: It can work (look at Sanctum 2’s feats of strength) but it must be unlimited and most importantly tailored with the mutators in mind.

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Surely it’s gonna use the tons of pointless stuff people have in the inventory, although I agree that it should be a simple choice for people to make.

It would be something of a mats-dump to kind-of solve the current problem of people having absolutely thousands of useless jewellery parts/scrap and would be something FS might introduce to address the problem of inventory trash horde.

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I’m sorry, what update? Where are those informations from?

The source is a stream with a few of the programmers from a week or two ago. In addition to answering some questions, they showcased an upcoming gamemode featuring “mutators”, gameplay changers that are supposed to be somewhat wilder than Deed modifiers.

Ah, I see. We’re gonna see it soon, I guess?

yea they said soon

I’m excited about the mutator that encourages keeping players together - because I cannot tell you how many times you see that one player veer off on their own and then get hooked by a pack rat or pounced on by an assassin.

The potential issue I see with that mutator though, is when people are spawning into a game - typically other players will not wait for you - so I can imagine a situation where ur playing with this mutator, and then a player joins - replacing a bot - the other players are already far away, and then you get killed because of the DoT.

I hope this isn’t the case, but i sounds like something that is a possibility, unless they code against that (hopefully)

You can’t join into deeds unless you glitch your way in.

They presented this more like a separate game mode available for queuing similar to QP.

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