So Onslaught finally released, I’ve played it only couple of times so far, still I’m prety hyped about this mod. I hope FS will approve it sooner or later, but I don’t realy belive it’ll happen.

What are your thoughts about this mod, also I wanna see if there are many players that want it or/and Deathwish sanctioned, wanna hear your thoughts about it.


I’d love to see this and things like it sanctioned. :smiley:


Yes, I would like to see Onslaught and Deathwish sanctioned.
For everyone else that does be sure to give the mods a thumbs up on the workshop!

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For the love of all things great please sanction this

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  • Deathwish!
  • Onslaught!
  • Deathwish & Onslaught!
  • Anything that increases difficulty, incl. all of the above!

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  • Should include better/higher rewards than Legend!
  • Should have the same rewards as Legend!
  • Don’t care about the rewards, I just want the challenge!

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With the rumoured changes to Deeds, both of these mods are likely to be made obsolete and therefore not get sanctioned.

That really depend on how you like your deeds. The amount of players I see asking for deeds + twitch mode with lowered spawn/vote intervals seem to increase daily.

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I suspect the deed update will just add a deed crafting system.
Maybe you might even be able to reroll the modifiers.

If you have anything I missed that would justify to expect something more than usual from FS I’m interested.

It would have to be an impressive deed rework indeed (heh) to compete with Onslaught.


Oh you’re right, it’s not going to be some spectacular new deed system, and the deeds will STILL likely be unjoinable - but the new system(whatever it is) will hold off or completely block sanctioning these mods.


Deed modifiers as a mod category would be neat.
Fatshark still controls how much more reward players get and any mod that makes the game harder could apply for sanctioning in a new Deed modifier category and therefore appear in the pool of official deed modifiers.
So OS and DW would be two separate deed modifiers that could appear in combination too.

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