New Deed Modifiers

So i thought up a few deed modifiers that would affect the heroes in ways that would get people to adapt a different playstyle. The difference is these modifiers are not just full on negatives, but grant boons as well.

Turtle Tactics: all Heroes maximum health is increased by 30%, but their movement speed and dodge range is reduced by 15%

Speed Runner: All heroes move 20% faster, but have 30% less health.

Melee Training: Ranged weaponry is disabled, but your melee weapons attack 10% faster and deal 20% more damage. Bombs/ranged ults still work.

1 Hit Skill: Elites can 1 hit kill/down the player, but the player can also 1 hit kill elites.

Target Practice: Ranged weapons have infinite ammo, but deal 50% less damage. Doesn’t affect staffs/drake weaponry.

Quantity Over Quality: Elites no longer spawn, but there’s 4x more ambient enemies roaming about. Hordes are 50% bigger, but specials spawn less during them.

All Strength, No Speed: Melee weapons deal 50% more damage, but you attack 30% slower.


I think some of those could be pretty interesting; no ranged, or no melee (with infinite ammo), especially. At least, I think they’d be fun, even if not things you’d necessarily want to play all the time.

I believe there was a mod for VT1 where everything died in one hit! It was certainly interesting, if crazy hard.

I would like to see more “weird but fun” deeds, like where you can only use bombs, but have an infinite number of them - especially if it was done on a map like Town Meeting/Fortunes of War. Not uber hard, mostly focusing on the silly/fun factor. More light-hearted Deeds would be a great way to cap off an evening of harder runs, IMO.

What about some mods like “All Chaos” or “All Skaven”? Only those enemies would spawn throughout the whole map, aside from Specials, Monsters and Lords.


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