suicide bombers

For the love of Sigmar please rework the suicide bombers. I have 750 hours on vermintide 2 and I thoroughly enjoy the game, but the rat bombers are not fun, they are not a challenge, they are just incredibly frustrating and unfair to fight against, especially if you are doing solo weaves. You can’t tag them, so the explosion smoke makes it almost impossible to kill all of them before they get to you (since their explosions do not kill other bombers, which they should), and if one gets to you, it throws you into the air for so long that it will inevitably give all of the others to come to you as well and trigger a chain reaction which almost always either kills you or throws you off of the map. You can only deal with them on your own if you are in an extremely favourable area of the map (which is not the case in most weaves), or if you are playing kerillian because of her ranged powers (who is already OP enough) or sienna. And I’m not even going to mention how impossible it is to deal with them as slayer (even with the throwing axes). Perhaps the most frustrating is their range, because you get damaged and pushed even if you shoot them before they start jumping, and their jump range is way too large anyhow.

It would be amazing if something as simple as taggability for them was added, or if their jump range became at least a tiny bit shorter, though knowing Fatshark, this will probably go unheard.

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