Bombrats still feel terrible to play against

Could we get some changes to bombrats before 2020, please? They still feel horrible to play against with very little counterplay other than managing to shoot them all in a short period of time (and even that doesn’t even feel good because of how their smoke clogs the screen).

I’m just going to copypaste some feedback I gave several months back near their release:

I think if the explosive rats are made easier to counterplay they could be fine

For example, make their fuze go out if you push them (currently you have to push them and still run away from them and shoot).

Maybe have them function as the warpfire thrower, where if you melee them in the body instead of the mechanism (i.e the barrel) they don’t explode.

Make them blow each other up in a larger radius when you shoot one. Nothing worse than shooting one of them in a group and the rest of them continue onwards unharmed

The above problem is worsened by the black cloud that’s emitted with the barrel explosion, there will be more barrel rats running through it basically invisibly, consider making the cloud different or easier to see through

Lastly you could implement an actual fuze/timer for the rats based on distance from player when spawned, so that if you kite them for a bit they will explode eventually (and maybe do so in the middle of a horde, and you can just sit back and enjoy).

There’s so much you can do to make these an infinitely more enjoyable unit to fight and have pop up in hordes, their thematic design is fantastic. I’d honestly want them removed from twitch mode until they’re fixed at this point, genuinely just unfun to play around every time.


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