Lore Friendly Mutators

This post is triggered by the question in the survey about mutators we’d like to see, and also as a result of my own musings and general thoughtfulness.

The Survey asked a question “What mutators would you like to see?” and I put in my own options, but I’d love to see what everyone else wants! A couple of things to think about though…

  1. Let’s not get carried away asking for a Changer of the Ways to be a boss. Any new models/careers/other cool stuff is likely not going to be a mutator, so can we try to have your suggestions using ONLY what’s already in game?

  2. I’ll try and update the OP with all of the suggestions so we don’t need to trawl through each thing and find out whether something has already been suggested.


Represent each of the great skaven clans.

  • Clan Pestilens mutator would see many many globadiers and plague rats, as well as giving a buff to the effects of poison or increasing the range of the lob.

  • Clan Eshin would obviously have many assassins, but these could have some different effects such as giving the character Blood Loss(from Twitch) rather than simply stabbing them to hell.

  • Clan Moulder would have a bunch of extra pack masters and rat ogres as the only bosses.

  • Clan Skyre clearly have the warpfire/gunners engines and possibly some kind of Deathrattler style hybrid boss instead of usual bosses.

There’s also the possiblity of having some Skaven Sorcerer’s chuck magic around like Rasknitt does in the end arena. I think a reskin of Rasknitt as a Grey Seer who teleports around like a FattySorcerer would be a cool addition anyway.

So let me know what you suggested!


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