68 Ideas for Mutators

|-|68 mutator ideas|
Alright, I got a bit bored recently and brainstormed some ideas for mutators with a few friends. After this, I’ll stick to commenting on posts rather than starting new ones for a while. In the meantime, anyone got any thoughts on these mutator ideas?

  1. |o|The monsters that just wouldn’t die|
    ||Mini-bosses health loss capped at 1-3% per second according to difficulty|
    ||2 mini-bosses spawn at the same time|
    ||New mini-bosses spawn every 1-4 minutes after the previous one dies depending on difficulty|
  2. |o|Silhouettes |
    ||Can only see the outline of the Skaven and their weapons|
    ||Or maybe Skaven appear slightly transparent|
  3. |o|Poison pact hazard|
    ||Certain Skaven exude poisonous fumes (maybe just specials or elites), and the fumes cause damage to players within a certain radius of the relevant Skaven|
  4. |o|And they shall know no fear (Space Marine reference)|
    ||Abnormally high mini-boss spawn rate.|
    ||Retreating/backing away from mini-bosses causes conversion from normal health to temporary health over time for the player characters & a damage debuff.|
    ||Killing a mini-boss converts temporary health to regular health and removes damage debuff until the effects are triggered again by another mini-boss.|
  5. |o|Iron rain/Rock shower|
    ||Skaven fall onto the battlefield in large projectiles (like space marine drop pods or ork rocks from Warhammer 40000)|
    ||Decal on ground to show where projectiles/pods are going to land|
    ||Damage for being hit by the projectile/pods|
  6. |o|Commissar, “do your duty”|
    ||Given command over a small squad of soldiers/Skaven & responsible for maintaining morale by killing enemies and executing fleeing soldiers/troops to prevent a mass rout. (This makes sense for those familiar with the Warhammer 40000 imperial guard commissar, but may send the wrong message to anyone who doesn’t know what a commissar is.)|
  7. |o|Booby trapped|
    ||Consumables have a chance to explode and deal damage to the player upon being picked up.|
    ||Tomes & Grimoires have a chance of inflicting a stronger curse effect on players.|
  8. |o|I’m sure it was around here somewhere|
    ||Tomes & grimoires are randomly held by sack rats & mini-bosses|
    ||Consumables and ammunition are no longer in their usual spot and have maybe a 1-2% chance to spawn from defeated enemies.|
  9. |o|I for one welcome our new Skaven/chaos overlords (might be hard to implement)|
    ||Fight for the Skaven/Chaos forces as you plow through empire troops.|
    ||Swarms of basic Skaven infantry spawn over time to aid players in dispatching empire troops or provide distractions.|
    ||Perhaps use Kruber’s weapon sets, animations and skeleton as a base to create the empire troops, perhaps use the skins from the dead empire soldiers found around some of the maps.|
    ||Also, perhaps reskin some of the chaos warbands enemies to be imperial soldiers|
  10. |o|Get me closer, I want to hit them with my sword (Warhammer 40000 meme)|
    ||Melee hits provide boons (health regen, buffs)|
    ||Ranged weapons do no damage|
  11. |o|Say what?|
    ||Skaven and player characters banter back and forth with quotes from popular culture (Monty python, memes, etc.)|
    ||On occasion an enemy rushes the players with a horde that spawns shouting something like the Warhammer equivalent of “Leeroy Jenkins”|
  12. |o|Men of Sigmar|
    ||All 4 players play as Saltzpyre|
  13. |o|The Dawi-tide|
    ||All 4 players play as Bardin|
  14. |o|An Imperial platoon|
    ||All 4 players play as Kruber|
  15. |o|The Bright Wizard College|
    ||All 4 players play as Sienna|
  16. |o|Elfs on a shelf (Elf reference)/The sisterhood of the traveling non-lumberfoots|
    ||All 4 players play as Kerillian|
  17. |o|Who gave them high powered ordinance?|
    ||Random chaos and Skaven enemies have grenades and throw them like the poison globadier.|
    ||Occasional land mines which can be spotted by careful players|
    ||Ratling Gunners sit outside choke points ready to suppress players who travel through.|
    ||Higher spawn rate of ranged Skaven|
  18. |o|Doppelganger|
    ||Mini-bosses spawn every few minutes who are clones of (equipment and talents) the player characters. These doppelgangers use the VT2 bot AI.|
  19. |o|Why wont they die?|
    ||Killing an enemy isn’t the end, after 15-25 seconds the enemy rises up from the grave to take its revenge. |
    ||Mini-bosses and certain specials/elites don’t revive.|
  20. |o|Trivia|
    ||Occasional lulls in enemy activity which trigger Warhammer trivia.|
    ||Barriers/fire prevents advancement into the level while trivia questions being asked|
    ||Answering the trivia wrongly spawns hordes and mini-bosses.|
  21. |o|Bloody useless|
    ||1-2 players do no damage for 30 second intervals with a new 1-2 people selected every 30 seconds to do no damage.|
    ||Affected characters can still stagger enemies and block attack, but do no damage|
    ||Number of players affected depends on difficulty|
  22. |o|Run|
    ||An unkillable mini-boss spawns and attacks the players every 3 minutes for 1 minute and then runs away repeatedly returning in a guerilla style war against the U5.|
  23. |o|Dance battle to save the universe (Guardians of the galaxy reference)|
    ||Random enemies dance (like the stormvermin that dances in the background of fatsharks twitch streams) dancing enemies provide an area wide debuff or health degeneration or damage resistance for enemies or something.|
    ||Tremble before those Skavens’ funky dance moves|
  24. |o|Rats, why’d it have to be rats (Indiana Jones reference)|
    ||Every 20-40 seconds random chance for all players to flee from nearby Skaven & suffer debuff until next random chance to flee|
  25. |o|Your pain is my gain|
    ||When allies are damaged other teammates heal for a % of that damage|
    ||The lower your allies health, the more damage you do|
  26. |o|Exterminatus/(War, war never changes (Fallout reference))|
    ||Advance under severe artillery fire|
    ||Explosions and knockback get more powerful over time and deal damage to everything|
    ||Impact sites are highlighted so player can avoid damage if correctly located.|
  27. |o|David vs. Goliath|
    ||Player characters start at 50-75% of normal size, and enemies start 50-100% larger than usual.|
    ||Enemies also get dmg bonuses & health bonuses|
    ||Ranged weapon headshots kill enemies instantly.|
  28. |o|“Ratling Gunner,” proceeds to be ambushed by a stormvermin patrol|
    ||Randomizes the identifying noises for enemies (i.e. assassin sounds for ratling gunner, etc.)|
    ||Player characters call out wrong enemy types|
  29. |o|Hallucinations|
    ||Player characters see enemies that deal no damage, can be walked through, & cannot be killed.|
    ||Every 30 seconds, random hallucinated enemies have a chance to enter the physical realm and act as regular enemies|
  30. |o|Mutators that introduce new enemy types|
    ||i.e. necromancers appear, can raise enemies from the dead.|
    ||i.e. ghouls appear.|
    ||i.e. chaos dwarfs appear, using Bardin’s skeleton as a modeling point and introducing a new skin.|
    ||Over time could be used to create entire enemy factions.|
  31. |o|There can be only one (Highlander)|
    ||Once the players arrive at the bridge of shadows only one can make it through.|
    ||Starts deathmatch to decide the lucky winner at bridge of shadows|
  32. |o|“Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?” (Dirty harry movie quote, though I swear I’ve heard it in a spaghetti western movie)|
    ||Ammunition no longer appears on the player’s screen & player needs to count bullets/ammunition in order to determine when they might run out or have to reload.|
  33. |o|Poor craftsmanship|
    ||Chance for weapons to “break” (not really break, just switch out), with the effect being that you equip another weapon from your character’s inventory.|
  34. |o|Champions of the four gods|
    ||Enemies receive random bonuses that shift every 30 seconds|
    ||When khorne bonus is in effect, enemy melee damage is increased by 50-100%|
    ||When Nurgle bonus is in effect, player characters degenerate health|
    ||When Tzeench bonus is active, spawning patterns are randomized|
    ||When Slaanesh bonus is active, I don’t know what would work for this one.|
  35. |o|Shoot the messenger|
    ||Fighting the enemy will occasionally spawn 2-3 loot rats who will attempt to run away. If these loot rats get away a larger more severe horde will spawn.|
  36. |o|Fight as one|
    ||Player characters all share a life pool, once the life pool depletes, one player goes down and the other players gain some small amount of temporary health.|
  37. |o|Would you kindly (BioShock reference)|
    ||Mini-bosses spawn throughout the level, 2 loot rats spawn next to each mini-boss|
    ||Mini-bosses are not hostile unless you attack their loot rats, in which case, they attack.|
    ||Loot rats randomly hold all the tomes and grimoires.|
  38. |o|One more turn? (Sid Meier’s Civilization reference)|
    ||Upon getting to the end of the level, player characters get to vote on whether they will fight back to the beginning of the level (slight reworks to maps to make this possible)|
    ||Completing challenge leads to reward increasing.|
  39. |o|Scavenger hunt|
    ||Keys hidden throughout the level that unlock the path forward, or chests which may contain tomes, grimoires, or loot dice. The key can open one or another, so it’s up to the players to prioritize what they want to open & keys become harder to find as more are found.|
  40. |o|Traitor|
    ||One of the players is a traitor, if the rest of the group reaches the end of the level, the traitor loses. However, if the group kills the traitor, they win instantly.|
    ||Traitor starts off with Skaven and Chaos hostile, but has a button they can use to toggle the Skaven and Chaos to be friendly that they can use once they’re discovered.|
    ||Ranged friendly fire would be on, regardless of difficulty.|
    ||Once the traitor toggles the Skaven and Chaos to be friendly to them, then their melee attacks will work against other players and vice versa.|
  41. |o|Gunfight at the Helmgart Inn/pit (reference to gunfight at the ok corral)|
    ||Ranged weapons only for both enemies and players.|
    ||Cover is important.|
    ||Players participate in gunfight between each other as enemies attack everyone.|
    ||Winner is the last one standing/|
  42. |o|Don’t stop moving|
    ||Player characters do no damage and suffer health degeneration when not moving.|
  43. |o|Chuck Norris Mode|
    ||Player characters use their fists to fight through the enemy|
    ||Enemies kill players in 2 hits, though those 2 hits must be from the same enemy|
    ||Players can block, if a player blocks and gets hit, it counts for ½ a hit from that enemy and still counts towards the total|
    ||No consumables spawn|
    ||At least 3 mini-bosses spawn during the mission|
    ||Title/unique frame/achievement/bragging rights for completing on champion or higher|
    ||All playable characters have the same facial hair as Chuck Norris for the duration of the mission.|
  44. |o|The enemy within (x-com reference)|
    ||Every minute for 30 seconds, the player characters see each other as Skaven.|
    ||There is melee & ranged friendly fire|
    ||Up to players to avoid killing each other during the challenge by accident.|
    ||Going down while disguised as a Skaven results in death and requires a rescue from an upcoming respawn point|
  45. |o|Burn Notice (TV show reference)|
    ||Enemies share the unchained’s ability to discharge a charge bar and create a fiery explosion around themselves.|
    ||As enemies die, this charge bar fills up and eventually leads to an enemy in melee combat exploding dealing damage to the players.|
    ||On lower difficulty it does friendly fire to other enemies, but on higher difficulty it does not.|
  46. |o|The house always wins|
    ||Player characters start the mission with a random loadout from their inventory and random character/character class (with hero power the same as whoever they entered the mission as).|
    ||Additionally, player characters have randomized stats for the mission (armor penetration, damage, health, etc.)|
  47. |o|All for one and one for all (three musketeers reference)|
    ||The mission cannot end without all players being alive|
    ||Additionally, honor demands that every mini-boss spawned during the mission lies dead at the players’ hands|
    ||Also, before the mission ends, the players must achieve some score determined by how cohesive the group is, enemies killed, loot dice picked up, etc.|
  48. |o|Boss rush mode|
    ||Fight every one of the game’s mini-bosses and bosses one after another whilst waves of enemies crash upon the players’ shields.|
  49. |o|School of hard knocks|
    ||Enemies all have knockback attached to their attacks|
    ||Getting hit knocks player characters back|
    ||Blocking negates the knockback|
    ||Additionally, once a player character dies, they do not respawn for the duration of the mission.|
  50. |o|Mr. S (a play on Mr. X from Resident Evil 2)|
    ||A Super powered enemy is spawned at the beginning of the game and proceeds to chase the U5 around the map.|
    ||This enemy cannot be killed and can only be temporarily put out of commission|
    ||Players win if they reach the bridge of shadows whilst accomplishing the maps regular objectives|
  51. |o|The silver screen (as in the early days of the movie industry)|
    ||Player’s screens go black and white, and old fashioned music plays.|
  52. |o|One more wafer? (Monty Python reference)|
    ||Consuming potions builds up toxicity over time.|
    ||As toxicity increases, players start experiencing health degeneration proportional to their level of toxicity.|
    ||Toxicity does not go away when downed or dead/respawned.|
  53. |o|Quest for the (enter artifact name here) (it’s not a fill in the blank, it’s the actual title)|
    ||Players must engage in a scavenger hunt under various conditions and once found, must get it to the bridge of shadows.|
  54. |o|Team fight|
    ||Located in the keep, one team of 4 heroes against another team of 4 heroes|
    ||Heroes are dressed in team colors|
  55. |o|Altdorf, we have a problem (a play on “Houston, we have a problem”)|
    ||Dwarf space program, everyone plays as Bardin|
    ||Takes place on what looks to be a cratered moon with low gravity so the slayer’s jump ability goes really far.|
    ||After that, just make something up.|
  56. |o|Sneaking, Stabbing, Yes-Yes|
    ||Everyone plays as a Skaven assassin in a stealth mission to open the city gates for the Chaos Warband camped outside.|
    ||Teamwork is required & each player is about as weak as the regular assassins|
  57. |o|A rotten investment|
    ||Kruber has been hoodwinked into a bad investment|
    ||It’s up to the U5 to find the dastardly merchant before he escapes the map|
    ||Is it time to save Kruber’s dreams of retiring to a lazy river in one of the safer Empire provinces?|
  58. |o|The wasting plague|
    ||The U5 have contracted one of the chaos god of decay’s deadly plagues|
    ||Over time they will face decreased speed, strength (damage/stagger/etc.), and must make it to the bridge of shadows before they succumb to the plague.|
  59. |o|13th hour|
    ||The Skaven are preparing a ritual to the Great Horned Rat and must be stopped|
    ||The players must hunt down the 4 grey seer apprentices hidden on the map to prevent a calamity from occurring|
  60. |o|Local muscle|
    ||The player characters have run short on money and have to pick up a few local jobs to secure supplies for their war against the forces of Chaos and their Skaven allies.|
    ||Act as a bodyguard for some noble as he/she waltzes around the town conducting business with others|
    ||Evict Skaven from old buildings and clean up the town|
    ||Perhaps reuse assets/skins for the dead townsfolk found on different maps|
    ||Could be located in the Bogenhafen slums|
  61. |o|The Labyrinth|
    ||Enters into a procedurally based labyrinth|
    ||Beastmen minotaurs/gorebulls spawn and try to hunt the players|
    ||Victory achieved by reaching bridge of shadows|
    ||Opportunity to implement new units|
  62. |o|Black sheep wall (Starcraft 1 reference)|
    ||Magical darkness covers the map (Kind of an ironic opposite to the code as it was originally in Starcraft)|
    ||Heroes must navigate to the end using their wits in this low light environment|
    ||If possible though, there should be ways to light the darkness|
  63. |o|Dwarf Fortress|
    ||The keep has been invaded by Chaos Dwarfs. Purge them before they accomplish their goals|
    ||Use Bardin’s skeleton to put Chaos dwarf skin on|
    ||Maybe implement a few orcs or other units, I think Chaos dwarfs use orcs as slave labor|
  64. |o|They have a bile troll! (Lord of the rings reference)|
    ||All hordes spawn with a bile troll|
    ||End boss before bridge of shadows activates is a bile troll that is 50% bigger than usual|
  65. |o|Roadblock|
    ||At numerous points throughout the level Skaven and Chaos Warbands set up roadblocks that are resilient to normal attacks, though can be broken if player is persistent enough.|
    ||Rapid passage through these barriers can be achieved by seeking explosives and applying to the barriers.|
  66. |o|An offer you can’t refuse|
    ||Run around the level completing tasks for cousin Okri and send a message to those dastardly Skaven and Chaos Warbands|
  67. |o|Juggernaut (as in X-Men)|
    ||Players start off weak and gain attributes for every enemy that dies.|
    ||The goal is to gain enough stats to stand a chance against the boss at the end of the level.|
    ||As the players kill more enemies they gain momentum and eventually turn into unstoppable juggernauts.|
  68. |o|The rat who roared (reference to the mouse who roared)|
    ||Somewhere on the map is a Skaven with a launch code for a weapon of mass destruction.|
    ||The Skaven blackmails the player characters into going around fulfilling its wishes, picking off its enemies, etc. until the player characters can determine which rat holds the trigger and silence it.|

I didn’t read them all but they seemed to be too outlandish for my tastes.
I’d do something simpler.

Maybe Bosses have twice the health and hit twice as strongly?

We’ll have new challenges soon so we’ll see how that goes

I had one more idea for a mutator. So, I was watching a streamer on twitch today playing a game called Strange Brigade. Strange Brigade has a narrator that does a pretty good job at keeping the game interesting. So, with that in mind, here’s idea number 69 for mutators.

  1. Narrated mission/mode mutator where we get Cousin Okri narrating the mission similarly to Strange Brigade’s style of narration. We could get lines like “and so our daring heroes push ever deeper into doomed Helmgart,” or “A burly rat ogre joins the party to dash their heroic mission,” or something. I’m probably not the best person for coming up with the actual text of the narration.

Here’s a youtube video of some people playing Strange Brigade. If anyone was interested in checking the narration out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGIs-t589Dg

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