Weekly mutator - Ranald's gift

Even tho it won’t happen, I’d really like to know the concept behind this week’s mutator. While first you find it funny, about 2 minutes into the game you realize this is f*cked up. Did FS play this at all?
You get no timeouts for the timer when you’re confined into a tight space, like lifts. We waited for the explosion at the lift in the courtyard event in righteous stand, didn’t make it out on top without 2 people exploding…
No way to suppress / cancel / or speed up the explosion.
No way to direct where the explosion sends you - like standing next to something so that the explosion send me in the opposite direction. This makes it very hard or impossible to traverse places where there are a lot of ledges or where you can be bombed out of the level.
1 or 2 persons tops would be enough to explode, a bit longer timer and some way to direct ourselves after the explosion, otherwise this mutator goes next to dark mode on the self.
It would be a shame for FS to work on several mutators and then us playing one of them every 2 months…


I personally loved the dark mutator! But this… yeah. Besides all the problems you mentioned (and the unmentioned, possible bridge of shadows wipe) I find it just annoying. Something like flat damage over time when people are too close might have been better.

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Dark mutator would be OK, with:
4 torches
Level light sources ACTUALLY giving light. Braziers are OK, but f*cking torches look like fireflies in the dark, they have no pool of light around them.

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Try to play Skittergate in this weekly mutator, try … if you can. 1 min and dead by fly whit this explosions.

I love the new weekly. Just enough chaos and not too tough once the team gets used to it. I do agree with this point about contained spaces that you are forced into for a set amount of time. My last two runs of the weekly ended as follows:

Final event on Horn of Magnus finished and going down the elevator. Did not consider bomb timing (that time) and 3/4 started blowing up. Wiped in elevator 30sec from the bubble. At least we had a good laugh.

Last map played was Into the Nest, Skarrit dead and about to board the elevator. We remember how Magnus ended so after some debating we decided to kill off three characters before the fourth entered the elevator. It wasn’t a big loss since We only had one grim and one tome left after players being blown off the map every now and then, but it does pose some issues :slight_smile:

Another +/- is the huge trolling potential. Can be super fun in a group of friends but probably less appreciated in a group of random people when someone decides to wipe the group at some point during the map.


While we are at it: Could we get the visual effect from this mutator as default effect for Unchained’s active ability? With visuals and sound and all? (and to be frank: Also with the damage involved. It is called “Living Bomb”, not “living firecracker that goes poof”).

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Best mutator from all of them right now, fun till the end and amazing friendly fire statistic at end (around 300 for everyone nearly :D) Love it need more like those, and with some little imagination you can actually skip all levels by good explosion jump

I love the heck out of this new weekly! Of course there’s no way to cancel the explosion or direct yourself, that’s the whole point…

It’s very fitting for a Ranald themed mutator. And let’s not forget all the times that a timely explosion or group of them can prevent an impending wipe… its potential for benefit or disaster are the same. There’s nothing like all four players lighting up right as a chaos patrol gets triggered!

I get that some people will love it and some will hate it, but for you to say “FS didn’t think this through” seems ridiculous when you’re just one of the people who doesn’t care for it. Everyone I’ve ran into playing it so far is loving it and playing it repeatedly. The finale for Festering Ground was a riot when one of our party got launched onto the altar in the middle, and then during the escape someone got launched off the walkway, all the way down to the event area, where they miraculously landed hanging on a ledge and survived until we made it back down for the rescue.


I attempted skittergate and trying to get the first tome I got blown into the distance and landed somewhere in the middle of 1976. My one and only attempt at this week. Now if it was a random enemy who had the bomb, different thing…

After playing a couple of rounds with it, I think the Mutator does need some tweaks.

This one is certainly fun, changing the game into something more chaotic from the usual coordinated mess and requiring constant attention. But…

Others already raised the problem of enclosed spaces and cliffs. There are a lot of both in the game, and neither can be avoided. Often enough, we also need to spend enough time in those locations for an explosion to be unavoidable. So in certain places (namely lift rides) it would be a good idea to temporarily disable the gift so that the run doesn’t end to an unavoidable situation.

I also felt that the timing may have been a bit too tight in general, bringing in bombs almost all the time and usually on several people at once. I think some limits on the timing (and/or more randomness for it) would be in place. The bounce also seems quite harsh, as it can easily toss you off ledges even in locations which aren’t particularly dangerous - and of course, you can’t control it at all, so it’s all luck.

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Yo dawg, we heard there is enough RNG in this game already, so we put some RNG (will you wipe in the elevator or shadow bubble) into your RNG (flying off in random direction after boom), into your RNG (random person exploding) and called it a mutator.

Why, oh why can’t these mutators be like the twins? You know what you get and when you get it.
even darkness was good, only needing a few minor improvements.

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Seriously? This mode keeps everyone on their toes and is the most refreshing fun I’ve had in the game in a long time. It’s bloody brilliant

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That’s the beauty I suppose of this whole weekly thing. If you don’t like it then it changes every monday. If you do like, you have a blast.


Well said! I’d rather see zany weeklies like this that people will either love or hate. Better than “safe” ones that everyone will kinda like but only because it’s something new…

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Also, the Mutators will be on some sort of cycle, so they will return eventually for another week. This also means that if you can pinpoint what are your issues with the current one (other than just plain dislike) there is a pretty good chance that for next round they will be addressed. Try to figure out exactly why you don’t like it and it can be better next time.

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