New realism weekly

Played a bunch of the new no-UI weekly, and I am loving it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the weekly modes so far, and I was a bit surprised how much I liked this new one. Reminds me of Realism mode in Left 4 Dead (which was always my favorite). Everything feels so intense and scary, especially boss+horde+handful of specials times when everything is just going bonkers. Losing sight of your teammates and having no idea if they’re alive or dead, only to later see them come running around a corner with half a patrol chasing them… very good times indeed!

This new weekly mutator business is a home run and I’m glad you guys are doing it. It’s a breath of fresh air and variety, and I’m always pumped to see what the next one is going to be. Keep up the good work!


Finding keys now is quite the challenge even when you know where they are

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Indeed! Suspicious bricks and such too…

We haven’t done much key looking yet since we couldn’t get a full party last night and just not dying was challenging enough. Gonna ramp it up tonight!

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In Reddit, someone mentioned the finish of Blightreaper and that if you’ve not mastered the locations, it’s incredibly difficult to find many of those. So while I haven’t yet gotten to play the current mutator, it seems that for the next iteration leaving the mission-critical (and probably hard-to-find without any kind of indicator) target marker (not necessarily the outlines, but only the shield marker) intact would be a useful change that’d make some missions much less tedious and reliant on exact memory of the sequence. I guess they could even be tailored for each mission and sequence, but that might be too much work.


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