Sister of the Thorn

I’m having a blast. So far the staff is amazingly fun.


Some notes :

  • Waystalker’s weapon special zoom doesn’t work with the javelin ; but the deepwood staff on SotT does have a zoom when pressing weapon special and aiming with right click.
  • The descriptions aren’t all accurate : Bloodrazor thicket doesn’t “lower the duration”, it should be more like “Thorn Wall’s eruption damage is increased and it applies bleed, but no longer lasts as terrain”.
  • Radiance should be consumed in priority before the actual cast bar. That makes more sense since it is very unclear that the ability is usable even though the bar is empty ; and Radiant Inheritance would proc without the need to cast the ability twice.
  • Morai-Heg’s Doomsight is ambiguous : it should say “Gain 3 guaranteed Critical Strikes every time Kerillian or a nearby ally uses their career skill”. [some tests still pending regarding range, but it is quite far I’d say]
  • I am a bit disappointed in the challenges granting shillings and having the skins unlocked right away, as I liked the previous career’s cosmetics unlocks. Now the challenges almost seem irrelevant.
  • Using the Deepwood right click attack without a target still generates ‘overheat’.
  • The headgear colours don’t match the skins :c

Please, no. Radiance has longer cd than the thornbush so saving those charges is more important. When radiance is up, the skulls on the sides of the ability bar glow green.


Right, I hadn’t noticed that.

Yea, I agree. If you reverse the order you would basically lock out yourself of the career skill if you want to keep Radiance for the more dangerous situations. The current order is the better and wiser one.


@Adelion @Maranovski Acknowledged. After playing with it for a bit you’re right :blush:

Seriously, whats even the point of challenges if you cant unlock anything interesting.

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Indeed, the order is better as it is now.
Problem is Radiant Inheritance.
That talent is too broken, even for a lvl 30 ult upgrade, let alone a lonely lvl 20 one.
Once you trigger it, you turn into a zealot on steroid with such high DPS that none can even remotely be close to you. with melee spam javelin.
Yes, you have literally 0 defense other than dodge. But it is way too OP


To be fair there are 2 unlockables, and I did say almost irrelevant. I do like challenges and I am doing them at the moment, but I also get that people need more incentive.
I also like the idea of cosmetics that represent some kind of achievement. I could get the black and gold skin for finishing the Trial by plague IV, but I got it from the start and completing that gives 10 shillings…

I’m pretty sure you get the effects of a strength pot and a speed pot. Testing in keep shows it’s pretty similar, maybe half a speed pot ? Damage seems consistent with strength pot.

Who would have thought the elf got another S tier career, or should I say SS.


And she lost shade in the same sweep…now if fatshark would surprise us and actually balance her in a timely fashion we´ll be solid.

Yeah that talent does waaaay too big a boost right now.

So far I really like the class, only played one mission though, but it felt really fun on regular legend runs, would like to see how it copes under more pressure.

I find most of the cosmetics (despite just blindly buying the pack) to be disapointing. WAYYYYYY too much glow on the blue/purple variants of the staff. Javlin is fine i guess, nice models.

I ended up just sticking with the default armour+helm, it matches and feels like a much more consistent design.

It feels like they took the harsh reviews of previous cosmetic packs to heart and just provided people what they effectivly paid for (tbh paying for the privelage of unlocking challenge specific items was hardly a great move). imo a better option would be to have a set of challenge unlocks (that come with the career) that are just the usual recolours that all classes have), and then ensure there is a high effort premium cosmitic set that can be sold at a premium for those that want more bling or to show more support (similar to the shade’s premium, as imo that’s the best we’ve had).

There’s certainly a way to keep the cosmetic pack an enticing purchase for those wanting to, while still having challenges that reward more than a few pennies (kinda feels like claiming the reward should trigger Lhonar to say “Now, don’t spend them all at once!” ).


Ye it’s really shame that you get all the cosmetics unlocked right away and don’t have to earn them in some way.

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Inheritance grants 30% Movement, 20% Attack Speed, 50% plus Power Level, 20% Crit Chance, and 40% Crit Power.

15 seconds duration. You can choose whenever you want to trigger that.

Iam sorry, but that “Talent” makes whole career skills look like an absolute joke. Any single of those boni, bar 40% crit power, would have been enough for that Talent to be considered good.


I like the new staff, though I doubt it really need that huge dmg on rightclick as it’s CC ability alone is strong.

For those who didn’t know the rightclick deals massive dmg to the target when it drops.

She broke my V2… the game wouldn’t start, so I’m not too happy with this career atm :smiley:

Welp. People complained about locking paid cosmetics behind achievements a whole bunch and now FS had acquiesced to these complaints. Now people are gonna complain about a lack of meaningful challenge rewards instead :man_shrugging: It’s somewhat unfortunate but a sensible enough change considering they are indeed effectively paid cosmetics


So she is supposed to be a support career? I mean it does help a lot to have someone in your team that can solo a patrol on cata in about 20 seconds but i dont think thats what most people think of when they hear support.
Why does a support get the strongest combat steroid in the game every 60 seconds?
I mean dont get me wrong its fun to play but atm bloodrazor thicket is just plain better then all the other talents in the row, same goes for radiant inheritance.
I would really like to play her as a support but why whould i rob msyelf and my team of so much killing power? In what situation is a hedge that stands around better than one that blows up a special/elite?


@Bombenleger I still have to play around with the blast ultimate, but admittedly the 10 sec wall was amazing. It virtually stops enemies from going through it and it blocks ratling gun fire. I think the same applies to arrows. It’s a much better cosruscations staff. I need to check if it interrupts line of sight, as a stormer or leech casting through it might be problematic. It did stop a pouncing assassin in its tracks so it’s not unseemly.
A lot of careers have strong firepower atm, I think a wall might actually be more valuable. Especially against beastmen is amazing! And it can turn a bad position into a manageable one. That’s really handy for cata.


Where did you test this? Because that only happens in the keep.

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