Sister of the thorn - LVL 20 talent row rework v2 poll

My previous suggestions weren’t considered good by the community so I decided to give them a deeper thought. Here are my results.
My goal here was to make this row a “team oriented” one and to give more synergy to the neglected ult upgrades. You are a support afterall.

Radiance fills team’s ult bars by 50% of the users current bar % that is missing.
If you just used your ult (bar is empty so 100% to go)
and used a Radiance stack, you and your allies’ get 50% of your ult bars ‘refunded’.

Pretty straightforward, you can’t just nuke anything with triple Bloodrazor with this change, also makes you think about the timing of using your radiance stack.

Hekarti’s Cruel Bargain:
Each enemy killed in an area around your ultimate (while it’s active)
increases team’s crit chance and crit power by 2% and 3% respectively for 3 seconds (max 5 stacks).

Best synergy with the 10s ult upgrade and worst with Bloodrazor. Clever use of your radiance stacks amplifies the talent.

Radiant Inheritance:
After consuming Radiance 30% of your current hp is consumed (including thp) and 50% of the consumed amount is given to your allies as permanent hp.
Grants 10% crit chance, 15% aspd and 15% movement speed to the user.

Currently Sott runs around with hp bar filled all the time due to her passive so it would be a way to spend those excessive amounts of thp as well as making her more team oriented. Will make clutch plays harder but bonus stats should be enough to help you and there should be less instances of you having to clutch with the healing you provide.

  • I like it
  • I like it but I would tweak the numbers
  • I don’t like it

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I still think the lv20 talent row is actually fine in concept of effects. Only imbalanced in terms of incentive to use one or another.

I’m willing to ignore Morai talent (crit on career usage) because some people simply never use ults that often. On top of it has a competitive with ranged weapons not consuming a resource meaning a ranged build of Sister is very possible. Javelin, Staff, and Moonfire are all much easier to manage.

Radiant Inheritance simply turns her 60sec passive into another career skill on a separate cooldown. Which is incredibly useful for all sorts of situations from high elite, chaos warrior, monster/lords, and horde situations. Which makes 2 charges of radiance or cooldown reduction feel kind of weak in comparison.

All that really needs to be done is just let radiant inheritance get weakened in effect. I am not sure how much, but it certainly has a cloak of mist level of versatility and power to it.

Now, repel I’d consider using if it actually had an effect on other elites. Making a stagger and full CC build woudl be fun, but right now her CC is all in the staff meaning I’d take the pale queen talent instead for easier time managing the staff.

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