Radiant inheritance and sister of the thorn talents

I test the new patch, and it feels nice… but other talents than radiant inheritance feels less usefull…
I have a suggestion :
Modif a little radiant inheritance :
Delete Crit power increase cause it make too powerfull with morai-heg’s doomsight
Increase power buff to +30% instead of +20%
Don’t touch other buff.

For incandescence :
Make it works as 2 différent buff instead of need 1 buff to be complete to charge the 2nd one.
So you can have 2 buff reloading at same time.

For Hekarti’s cruel Bargain :
Just delete the close range needed… make it works even in long range and only on elites killed by kerillian.

Morai-heg’s doomsight doesn’t need a nerf or buff… if radiant doesn’t give crit power.

For repel : Switch the talent to something like : “increase stamina recovery when you use charged attack” or maybe “Increase push and block angle after a charged attack”

For Ironbark Thicket : add 2 seconds… to make it stay 12 seconds instead of 10s

For blackvenom Thicket : They are actually 2 solution: make the debuff works in a circle area when the wall end. Or make it works when the wall is placed.

(ps: sorry for my english)

Morai Heg could use a stack cap or modification into actual group support. Right now SotT has a lot of damage talents but less in the way of actual support (I feel a lot of her support comes from her “make the bad man fly” staff and boosting THP gain).

But yeah, the critical power on Radiant Inheritance makes the two talents stack a bit too well.

Hekarti’s is a weird one, it’s one of those talents that works extremely well on higher difficulties (especially Cata with elites woven into hordes) but I can see it being less good on lower ones. I’m not really sure if it needs a change.

Repel is honestly fine. It works great as a support talent, it’s also very fun to use. Just everyone takes their infinitely stackable crits from Morai Heg’s atm.

Blackvenom Thicket is good as is too if you’re clever with using it. It is absolutely amazing for securing revives (I managed to save a Citadel of Eternity Expedition from a wipe entirely thanks to well-placed Blackvenom Thickets).

Mainly Bloodrazor thicket needs some DD shifted to bleed damage to balance out this tier, and for Ironbark I’d say it should make the wall have more hitpoints on top to incentivise using it that way.

If they need to maintain the “support/dps” style… maybe talents like:
“Give block cost reduction to yourself and nearby allies when you make a perfect block”
“Boost power for everyone when you use your passif ability”
This kind of power up talents can be nice as offensive support !

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