Sister of the thorn - LVL 20 talent row rework (poll)

current effect + reduces all allies ult cd by 50% of the user’s missing % of ult cd. So if you have 100% of your bar still to be filled allies get 50% of their ults restored.

Hekarti’s Cruel Bardgain:
Each enemy slain by Thornwake grants the team additional attack speed and crit chance based on the rank of slain enemy (max 20% aspd and 10% crit) (like 1% per normal 5%aspd/3%crit per elite/special, full buff on monster kill). Obvious synergy with Bloodrazor Thicket so it’s a contender with Inheritance. Also more team oriented talent. Because current version is more like team supporting her instead of her supporting the team

Radiant Inheritance:
Grants 5% crit chance, 10% attack speed and 20% movement speed to the user for 15s.
Grants 20 permanent hp to allies standing in an area around the blast (maybe like Krub’s ult thp area).

  • I like it.
  • I like it but I would tweak the numbers
  • I don’t like it.

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Incandescence is already very good with bloodrazor, giving it more effects is not a good thing, powercreep is bad and that´s already an ongoing problem with that career.

Almost entirely useless on cata+ without bloodrazor and overpowered with it, powercreep is bad.

…Actually not an awful idea i think, but i´d wana keep some more stats and have make it so that doomsight stacks are not used while radiant is active. This since radiant is a huge and not too far from balanced help when you are not using doomsight or bloodrazor.

Doomsight also needs a cap so that you dont get to carry around 40 free crits because someone else on your team beside yourself got a spamable ability.

Well it was meant to go with Bloodrazor.

Now you are trying to make it overpowered. Radiant is extremely OP as it is now.

Well yes it is right now, the madness comes from constant crit+critpower+powerboost, the first and third being key to it. If either of the aforementioned ones takes a sufficient hit then the problem is basically solved.

In a standalone vacuum that is.

But with doomsight&ability spam funneling crits there is still a problem, easiest way to solve that is to put a cap on doomsight stacks and also disable it while radiance is active.

And then it´d be balanced but still powerful&fun to use, i hope.

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