Sire Melk and weekly missions, price for reroll too high

Sire Melk must remove discarded missions (tier lvl wise), from offered mission list.
This is nuts. I’ve just spend over 400 000 ordo dockets just to end up with 1 LOW, 3 MID and just one HIGH mission. I have no more dockets left and already fulfilled one LOW lvl mission playing once on Damnation (diamentide collecting). I don’t have enough dockets to pay for reroll before next mission is completed (and It will be if I play on anything higher than “Uprising”), but then again I will not have enough dockets to reroll mission.

Same problem was already addressed by Kerttuli9000 (link), but there was no traction or understanding of the problem.

I understand not all players grind, but I do, and would appreciate very much if I was allowed to pick only HIGH tier missions to get more tokens.

Potential solutions:

  • Rerolling removes discarded missions from rotation for current week (only tier wise) OR.
  • Place a “switch” on Sire Melk, so missions are chosen by tier and rerolled within this tier OR
  • Decrease cost of reroll to 5k tokens per reroll OR
  • Allow Completion of more than 5 missions per week with additional reward per every 5 compleated. OR
  • Remove weekly deadline. “When you finish 5 missions, you get 5 more, no rerolls, no ticking clock”
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Tbh, we should not have to reroll.

I hate having missions for one week. When you have completed them, you cannot get more marks… and sometimes you need more marks for one specific character.
I would prefer a system that you get for everything you do a small amount of marks given.

You get a grimoire = 25 marks
You get a scripture = 10 marks
You kill 50 scabs = 10 marks
You kill 100 dregs = 10 marks
You kill a monstruosity = 15 marks
You complete a mission =

  • 5 marks sedition / uprising
  • 10 malice
  • 15 heresy
  • 20 damnation

No death in the mission = +5 marks

And shared marks between all chars.


Good proposition and balanced, even if a bit less profitable at first.
With 10 Damnation runs, you can usually complete all Melks missions and receive from 2000 to 4200 tokens. Based on completely out of my ass calculation 10 Damnation runs should earn you +/- 2500 Tokens.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they will go for it. It would require completely new voice lines for Melk.

Yeah… the proposition was writen like… now.

Numbers should be thinked and tweaked more… you’re correct on this.
It was just to give an idea of what I would like.

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Just give us a 2nd option to spend dockets on:

  • Reroll: change the objective (we have this)
  • Upgrade: increase mission tier, keep same objective

Also, maybe the Tasks should be cycled through in a set order and not rolled randomly, in order to have bad luck protection.


Thanks for bringing the issue back up, here’s hoping there’s better traction this time.

As an ingame occurrence from the player POV, it’s even more insane and hilarious.

Picture this, while browsing the available contracts you say to Melk “Ummm yeah this one is bad, I don’t want it, got anything else mate?” and after few rolls and dockets he hands you the exact same one with the exact same complexity. So you stare at him and shout “wth dude, are you high? this is the exact same I already told you I don’t wanna do”

But tada! He has the ultimate response: “But it’s not the same anymore, now it costs more eh? Soooo you want it now or not?”

And meanwhile Hadron threatens the player with summary execution for being 4.2 seconds late. Guess Melk enjoys few special privileges around Mourningstar then.

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It shouldn’t be armoury servitor behind blast proof curtains. It should be Melk. :smiley:

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