Did they change the amount of tokens' rewards for some weekly missions

I swear to god those two missions, the ones about plasteel and diamantite were giving 700 and 600 tokens… I know I’ve been rerolling to get them since they were the ones that gave the most tokens.

Did I miss another update that balanced the amount of tokens given?

Nah they’re still there, they’re just the highest tier of that contract so less likely to appear. Honestly if you can get a couple 580-700s and the rest 300+ go nuts. Rerolling still seems bugged despite now actually working with the extortive rate at which it can deplete dockets. It will start replacing contracts you aren’t even selecting and potentially removing 1 total if you have a list of 6 for whatever reason.

I am very aware of how my Melk dollars are acquired.

Must have been insanely lucky with my Ogryn then, since I always got those 2 higher tier assignments. Thanks for the reply !

It would be 400 diamantine and 750 plasteel if i remember correctly for the 700 tokens. (Which is still a joke compared to collecting 16 books or finishing 8 missions, needs a rebalance asap.)

When I read the patch notes I thought that the way it worked was the following: You would be given the mission of “Find X crafting mat” and you could hit thresholds and hitting each individual one would give you an amount of melk store cred. (Suggestion for a change btw FS :wink: )

The way it actually works now means that you get less credits overall since the max amount seems to be bugged to never show up…

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