Unlimited plaststeel bug

ive encountered a weird glitch in darktides crafting system i would play a few missions craft some items for blessings but if i log out then rejoin that character it resets my plasteel but not the item i crafted im not sure if thats what causes it but i hope it gets fixed


I am also having this issue. I’m not sure what is causing it, but I assume it is because of Account Wide Resources.

When I load up any of my Characters and use the Resources to upgrade/change things it, as it should, depletes my resources. The problem lies in ‘Change Operative’. When I change operative, I suddenly have those resources back again. Then I can change back to the prior Character, upgrade some more by depleting said resources, then Rinse & Repeat.

I hope this gets fixed soon as I’m not sure if I am using Resources I truly have (by playing games in-between to earn said resources) versus some heretical resources given to me by the resident Chaos God.

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This has already been acknowledged here: Plasteel getting partially refunded

But I’m not sure I’d actually call this an “issue” :wink:

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Guess I didn’t scroll down far enough and only replied to this thread! Thanks for redirecting!

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There is a search function to see if the post you are about to make hasn’t already been made. That’s easier than scrolling down an arbitrary amount :wink:

Makes the job of the moderators a lot easier to not remake several posting of the same bug ^^

I wanted to report plenty of bugs only to find out that my post was about to be redundant since someone was faster than me.

You’re welcome :v:

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I also encountered this bug and it is somewhat disorienting, but i hope it gets fixed.

“You say you do but you don’t”

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I had a fairly intense crafting session yesterday (in which my gambling for traits did NOT pay off) but on the bright side, after I changed character, I got refunded about 20.000ish plasteel and some diamantine as well. Gold seems to be working properly. I’m not even mad, I’ve crafted over 250 MG-12 las guns and have never seen a tier 4 Headhunter. Yes I do want this to get fixed but not necessarily as quickly as other things. Kek.

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