How about Hot Fixing Plasteel and Reward amounts?

Playing a 30 minute Damnation for 90 Plasteel and no Emp reward is ridiculous.

And Hot Fix Melk to 360+ Minimum please. This dude is so wasteful and sold me one item worth buying in 300+ hours.

The end-game is so unrewarding to players times it’s crazy.

Same thing happened to Anthem. Lack of content and pitiful loot drops and the Devs REFUSED to up the drop rate until a year later, which made no difference as it was hardly changed.

Don’t be them.

You don’t need weeks and months to deliberate on this, especially if you played your own game.


Heresy drops around 200 Plasteel a run (if players look for them at least). What map do you get 90 on?

Edit: I would love for them to decrease Plasteel and Diamantine costs. Takes too much mission grinding to pray to RNGesus


Was about to say the same… around 130/150 min each per game, but you actually need to stop rushing maps…

But as you need tones of them to upgrade good greys just to get sh*t blessings and perks and start again, I am all up to increase the rewards…


Good news, you can fix Plasteel amounts yourself by collecting the 285 Plasteel that spawns on Damnation difficulty!

I mean you can’t blame the devs if you’re the one not picking up the resources, right?

Maximum possible pick-ups per difficulty level:
Sedition Uprising Malice Heresy Damnation
Plasteel Pickups 10S/1L 10S/2L 11S/3L 12S/4L 11S/7L
Plasteel Total 125 150 185 220 285
Diamantine Pickups 0S/0L 2S/0L 4S/1L 5S/3L 9S/5L
Diamantine Total 0 20 65 125 215

Oh, dang, the spreadsheet copy-paste actually formatted into a real chart and everything. Really didn’t expect that!


What is the S/L thing ?

Number of small/large pickups available.

So you’re telling me I need to get on Discord and get a pre-made team to get any useful amount of Plasteel per match, that isn’t 30+ minutes long?


I think we both know the average PUG aren’t even getting half that amount on Damnation, and if you are, you’re most likely spending close to 40 minutes between gathering it and babysitting.

Then afterwards you can bring your grey to a green after all that hard work. Hooray for time-sinks.

Bump it up to a max of 1000 and maybe we’ll talk.


I’m just letting you know that if you somehow only get 90 Plasteel in a mission, that’s mostly your team’s fault. I regularly see 190+ from a mission.

Certainly you’ll have to organize a group if you want to pull the theoretical 285 max from a mission, but if you’re only getting 90 and there’s 285 available, then you’re rushing so hard you’re looting barely anything, and that’s definitely your team’s fault, not the game’s fault.

I realize that some part of you wants a full inventory of completely-perfectly-maxed weapons. But understand that the one thing which can kill a game faster than slow progress is no progress (ie the lack of progress you’d have once you get all those perfectly-maxed weapons instantly).


Low intensity maps boosting the plasteel per hour played probably matters a lot more than heresy vs damnation. Missions take less time, you are able to explore more easily, and the success rate of missions is higher.

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True, I see your point.

It’s not like I’m always getting 90, was just my breaking point after spending 33 minutes in a Damnation and I walked away with 90 after a hard fought game lol.

Your last point though is exactly a what a put a huge nail in Anthem though. The whole players will get bored with new toys if we up the drop rate, yet the game is now dead.

There’s so many combos of weapons/stats/perks/blessings that even if you bumped up the rate, you still wouldn’t get God Rolls handed to you. You’d still be incredibly lucky to get a 380 with the stats/perks/blessing you want even if you were getting 1000 plasteel a game.

There’s a lot of room to up the rates before that even became an issue. Especially when the large issue is population currently… not many people to scare off by handing them loot lol.


Sure, I’d agree with that. I definitely don’t claim to know what the perfect rate of resource gathering is.

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I even had games where I got 200+ plasteel at the end of damnation run just to go back to morningstar and see that it actually gave me like 50 instead due to some bug. Many times.

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i really hate all the pug’s where people rush and dont search for ressources and leave them behind extra.
The last days almost all my pug’s people ignored boxed that are even right in front of them an never checked sideways. The most annoyed situation was someone who did not want to pick up a large Diamantine cube just in front of him, while no enemies around and wave was cleared already.
Last room before end stage. I asked didnt you see it or dont you want it and he replied, **** resources, i just wanna kill stuff.
I mean fine, why not, but it really annoys me and more and more pug players can spoil me the game.

I know i can play on a discord and have a group , i did that and even found some really nice people, but i dont want to talk often or hear much talking and just want to play with a common sense and have people around knowing what they do and having the same goals like me.
And yes it’s a me problem and the problem with pugs and randoms.

I’m not anxious or anti social, i talk too much myself often and therefore also just want to play without having to talk or communicate.
I’d just hope i had more people in my pugs that have that common sense of not rushing, waiting for others, not sprinting all the time - i stopped sprinting at the start even, i mean why, it makes everything 3s faster, but i feel stressed already if i need to do that and would like it more if everyone takes their time and not stress everything so much.

f… sweats - i get old - no i am old :smiley:

Meh, I play more now that Ogryn feels opened up to me with better weapons than the momentum/confident poop scoop I rolled almost first week of this game. If people are playing for the gameplay having more fun (stuff) keeps them playing longer.

I know the current loop is grossly unsatisfying for some though. Like I’m on a psyker boycott at the moment because I turned 3 seperate antaxes into limb splitter trash. I actually waited to compile a lot to try to brute force the RNG and I got an even bigger gutkick than I’ve ever had from a wipe in game. It sucks. I do know about push attack.

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This is just flat out wrong for those who have spent countless hours in VT2 (and other similar games). Maxing the equipment is just the stepping stone to trying out new weapons and playstyles. Unfortunately this is complicated hundredfold in Darktide, where entire playstyles depend on landing very specific blessings, on a weapon with X minimum stats in X bars.

Yes, you can complete any content with any loadout. That’s not the point. The point is being able to try out different combinations and different playstyles. Currently we can’t. It’s all locked behind lottery RNG, with no way to influence it. The only thing we can do is hope for a lottery ticket that gives us a decent item, and then we have to grind forever to do the crafting lottery ticket to have a low, low chance of getting the blessing(s) we want.

Dramatically increasing crafting droprate/reducing crafting costs would make it a lot less painful to play their absymal RNG lottery machine.

If you stop playing Tide games once you have max gear, that sounds like a you problem. If you’re worried about other people stopping playing if they max gear, then… what? Stop worrying about how other people enjoy the game.


Except for the fact that plasteel is used in much greater amounts than diamantine, which is the source of the problem.


That’s shill-speak.
If the game lacks content after people get “perfectly maxed weapons” then it deserves to be dead. As in, all your game has is just arbitrarily padding time by preventing players from even getting the tools they want with tons of rng/timegate; no other incentive to keep playing the game.
You’re basically admitting darktide is shallow/lacking content. (thus it deserves to be dead)

See, games like MHR:sunbreak can get away with it (people can just mod the game to get the perfect build anyway; and they still play the game) because it actually has substance(people can choose the map/enemy they want to fight, and whether they play with others players or not; which weapon people use and which moveset/build they use also greatly changes gameplay) despite being entirely repetitive. Darktide isn’t even close.

So the thing is people want best gear to clear highest difficulty content; but darktide lacks content in first place so…barring players from best gear just tells them to stop playing the game.


Well if the OP had been focused on the ratio of Plasteel to Diamantine I’d 100% agree with putting out a quick tuning update to that. It’s dumb that the ratio changes without a supporting crafting system that actually eats lots of Diamantine (ie if blessing manipulation is mostly/entirely Diamantine costs)

It shouldn’t eat more diamantine; because diamantine only gets plentiful at higher difficulties and most players aren’t even capable of clearing heresy consistently.


Wait this is a thing? I haven’t been keeping track of my Plasteel load outs, but it definitely felt low whenever I visited Hadron (would always do a ton of runs before visiting)

This would actually explain a lot… A whole lot… because I’ve done a ton of grinding to collect data on Emperor Gifts. A good portion of that was on Heresy. Holy crap why wasn’t I paying attention to this before!!!