Plasteel farm is still bad

Why not let us get some plasteel and diamantine from bartering items? I think it will be better. As it is right now, consecrating and farming for blessings is pretty much impossible.


If you can consistently run Damnation with no modifiers you can get a good chunk of plassteel in a decent amount of time, although it does feel bad when you use it all amd only get weapons with t2 blessings and perks.

I do 100% think that Heresy should have its crafting material drop rate increased however. You get like 3x or more materials in Damnation which is a but much imo.


I only play on heresy. Not up for sweating that much for damnation. Maybe that’s why I feel I’m so plasteel starved? I don’t see why we still shouldn’t get a small amount of crafting material from bartering. That’s how it worked in VT2, and regular money is pretty much useless in this game.


That is 100% the reason why. In most heresy games I usually got around 300-400 plasteel (or even less), while in Damnation it’s common to get 800-1100. Personally I would recommend trying out Damnation without any modifers. It takes 1 or 2 matchers to get used to, but afterwards it’s not too bad.

What I usually end up doing is every once in awhile I’ll play some Damnation games for crafting materials or when I want a more challenging experience, and when I want to chill or just hang out and talk with friends I’ll do Heresy.

Again I 100% think that Heresy should have an increase in drop rates for crafting materials, but maybe FS’ approach was that they wanted the disparity between the 2 to try and get more people to play Damnation difficulty.


The cap of plasteel is 805. And that sucks.


Cap for what?

The max amount of materials in a run.

Personally I would have done 250 for Sedition, 400 for Uprising, 650 for Malice, 1000 for Heresy and 1500 for Damnation. If they don’t want to give you anything other than dockets for scrapping or rerolling both slots we need to be rolling in plasteel. Diamantine is irrelevant but I really think it should be able to reset weapons to Profane status so we don’t lose out on good bars forever.

Like this 80/80/80/80 57 in mobility Agripinaa shotgun, I don’t even want Hadron to defile it with like T1 inspiring barrage and sprint efficiency.

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Ressource gain is not the problem.
Rng in crafting is the problem.
Until that is fixed, it does not matter how many ressources we get, because the problem will persist.


Yeah but since we waited like 4 months for the crafting they did deliver it would be a lot easier to just work with what we have into the actual lottery bonfire it was intended to be than expect another overhaul.

Like the RNG stupidity would be alleviated if weapons could just be reset and tried again. No need to camp for another weapon or grind 1 million dockets for your next. And it wouldn’t be a bother to even a casual player because resources wouldn’t be so stingy. Again just trying to be productive instead of ‘everything sucks and needs to be changed’ without prefacing how or a what besides ‘RNG bad’.

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Damnation is easier than heresy, partly because you don’t have the sweats running off and trying to solo the map.


Is Plasteel really the problem if you run damnation?

I constantly struggle to have enough Ordo. Iam not even a 380 purist. I run some weapons that are 340+ but have the right Blessings, because I cant afford to throw more Ordo at Brunt.

I can see it being less of a problem on Ogryn, since plenty of weapons only got half a dozen Blessings, but on Preacher and Vet its a nightmare.

It’s not.

Whats weird is i see ppl conplainging about “the grind” but my powercycling, scattershot, blaz away, cavlclade, EC the list goes on came 90%from blessings of the emperor. One time i was going to buy a onslaught 4 luscious from malk, only to accidently make one from a 370 gun i was planning to get redy, ahowed up as the blue roll blesssing.

Its not a humble brag its a question, i cant “just be lucky” when i have allmost all bangers, i dont even play damnation religiously. Im asking if its a skill issue, and if so, what are others doing wrong?

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The problem is just way overblown. High-Int damnation/Melk gives t4 pretty regularly. It’s just kind of a toss-up when you are looking for something in particular.

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You are just lucky. It’s RNG. It happens.


Completely agree, i have SO MUCH diamantine, and like no plasteele. Needs serious adjustment, or an exchange mechanic would be really nice!


You know what enforces your idea more and actually annoys me? That they’ve been polishing this system for over a month per this statement:

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low intensity or normal damnation is quite possible with random crowd to get mats. you end up 600 pastel per run on avg, that takes 40 min incl load times, waiting in lobby, etc

That’s a crap payout honestly. If I don’t end up with 700-805 plasteel in under 25 min mission run, it’s a meh run.

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800 is the absolute max. mostly you’ll get between 700 and 750 per damnation run.