Plasteel farm is still bad

This is why I also think they’re pretty close. Increased drops and reduced costs was a good start but they really need to make it possible to salvage a bad roll and just start again wasting even more mats. It would start to lead positively into the grinding loop if people could take that play time and actually apply it instead of losing out on amazing rolls to bad blessings and perks. All you really need to do is roll 1 of each that you like and change the other anyway, so you should have as many tries at that as you have materials, imo. T4s are in a lot of cases novelty (like the extra 2.5% power at 5 stacks from T4 Deathspitter vs T3).

This would instantly fix curio crafting, since the current system for them is atrocious. Ruin your 21% HP? Blank it and start over.


I think problems with plasteel/diamantine will go away when the crafting system is fixed. Probably ages away, I know, I’m just saying its more a design problem than a resource problem.

@MarxistDictator I would love an option to downgrade a weapon. Example: you upgrade a great white item, it gets a bad perk. Oops. Pay a little material to downgrade it back down to white and lose the perk, and try again. When you downgrade the item you always lose the last perk or blessing it gained. It’ll be very expensive, but you’d be able to perfectly craft up your item if you are willing to spend the resources to do so. That, or we just do away with the whole locking system.

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You can run regular damnation with pubs you don’t need a dedicated team to do it. However it certainly helps if you have people in your group who are at the damnation skill level. I’ve done a lot of damnation carries with the mark 9 heavy sword on the zealot its totally do able even if you have to carry someone. If you end up having to carry 3 people its going to be a foot slog and most likely result in failure. Huge stigma with damnation like its some difficulty only available to the sweaty players. Give it a whirl see how it goes if you can’t do it just run heresy. At least you can say you tried it out. Cheers.

I agree. It would be nice if you could recycle your items for crafting mats. Especially plasteel, which prior to entering T5, runs dry fast.


Agreed. It’s complete dog. My streak in heresy is kinda rough too for whatever reason I get a lot of low level players in my lobbies and wind up spending 30 mins to get nothing.

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That’s what I’m sayin. Especially because this crafting RNG sucks so much the least they can do it give us another way to get materials.

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