Shops and progression needs some work

Some thoughts about the state of the shops right now. This might end up being irrelevant depending on what other mechanics exist at full release, so this is very much to be taken as a critique of how things are right now and not how they might be on release. Anyway, that all said, here’s what think are currently the problems the shops have:

Requisition shop:

In general i prefer this over the lootbox system of vermintide 2, and i think that it’s good to give a bit more options in terms of what weapons you get. However, since the closed beta there are now a lot more weapons available, the limited size of the shop is really buckling under the weight of that. You often will end up getting weapons you aren’t interested in, and you can end up having the shop nearly full of a couple different weapon types. If you want those weapons, it’s great. If you don’t, well, you’re just out of luck until the shop refreshes again. There’s a few ways i think this could be improved:

  • Guarantee more variety. Having less duplicates of the same weapon and type would make it more likely to get the things you want. The downside is you might see less of the variant of a weapon type you want.

  • Increase the number of weapons available in the shop. More slots would mean more options every reset. I think the number of slots worked fine in the cbt where there were less weapons, but now it really struggles to work with the variety there is now.

  • allow manual resetting of the shop early. If there were a way to reset the shop, maybe just costing some gold, you’d have the ability to try again to get a weapon you might be looking for, or just get a higher rarity version of a weapon.

Sire Melk’s Shop & Melk money:

i also generally like the idea behind this one too, having a way to get high rarity stuff consistently but with a bit of extra work is a nice system. However, as it stands it has a couple issues. Firstly, there is a hard limit on how much of the currency you can get within a week. The challenges lasting a week is fine i think, not everyone is gonna have tons of time to play this so it makes sense to have it spread out, but if you do finish the challenges within a couple of days, you’ve now got the better part of a week where you just…can’t progress. This is made worse by the fact that not only can many of the items cost most of the amount you can get within a week, some can even cost more than what you might’ve gotten. This means that for certain weapons, it might take me over a week to be able to get something i want from the shop, even if i were to play the game literally 24 hours a day. This would also be made worse by the fact that there might be cosmetic stuff in this shop? though i’m not sure if that’s going to be the case, i’ve seen it mentioned in a video that it would be, but it’s not like that right now so im not sure if that’ll be something that gets added in release or if it’ll be something that was only present in a previous build. Some ways these issues could be improved:

  • Lower the cost of things in this shop. While the weapons are good rarity and have lots of extra modifiers and stuff, most of them really just aren’t worthwhile to get for their price. Especially considering how minor some of the extra effects can be, it just seems like they’re all far too expensive.

  • Add some way to get the currency outside of weekly challenges. This would be good for two reasons, firstly, it allows you to progress after having finished the weekly challenges, but it also would allow you to be less worried about those challenges, and would make it less likely for you to find yourself in a situation where you or a teammate does something dumb trying to chase a challenge (like going back for a scripture and leaving the team behind, etc) This could be done by just having a small amount earning for every mission, which would still incentivize the weeklies as they’d still give you more, and allow you to earn more past them. or it could be done through some simple daily challenges, which would be relatively easy to complete and not require too much focus.

again, how big of an issue these things are will also depend on what other mechanics exist for getting or upgrading items, so this might not be very relevant to the full release version, we’ll just have to see. Really just depends on how much of what currently isn’t in is because of them keeping us more limited in the beta, or if those things just aren’t something that exists.

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The shops are a massive issue, and obviously designed to make players log in alot and play more for stats to make investors happy. but its going to have the opposite effect. Whoever designed it didnt realise that time is a currency and they are stealing time for no reward.