Feedback after hitting level 30

Some background information:

  • 1000+h in Vermintide 2
  • 42h in Darktide
  • Ogryn lvl 30, others lvl 5
  1. Mission rewards/ Shops/ Weeklies feels blunt - I feel the need to grind grims/scriptures on low level missions for weeklies instead of playing some other classes (and/or playing on higher difficulty) and having fun. Shop is just checking hourly/daily if something good popped up and while this is fine for regular shop(since I guess the role of it is to provide access to more basic weapons), weekly shop feels a pain - when I see good item I am thinking if I should buy it or wait for the next good(and possibly better) item since currency is VERY limited and you need to grind a lot. So basically for weekly shop, as player you feel you are paying with grind for those items and therefore it leaves you with bitter feeling when you spend your “grind” on OK item and next day there is better one
  2. Progression is too narrow - in Vermintide2 my characters were using same weapons so when I start the second class in a character I was not starting from 0, here characters already use the same weapons(all 3 humans do share almost the same weapon choices) - why not let them share the same weapon pool except unique ones? In Vermintide2 Charm/Trinket/Amulet were shared in all characters - why are not the curios shared?
    Think of a way to have account-wide progression and not just the need to grind with every character
  3. Weapon choices - what I see is a pattern that all human characters use only the unique weapon choices they have since they want their character to feel unique, and all those shared options sit there like a gap-filler just to have false sense of variety. Speaking of variety - Ogryn have very limited weapon list, I feel this class has the least amount of variety to choose from and it gets boring faster than the other classes
  4. I will skip Mission variety comments for now and keep it for later stage until I see the remaining missions(the sandy one is now missing, so I guess you will release it back at later stage), the current beta is most likely to check gameplay mechanics, netcode, stability and etc so it is natural to have missions feel repetitive(Vermintide2 missions had way more variety IMO) but I want to let you know a lot of people have high hopes the game will have variety after all missions and modes are released

Overall verdict: Good job! The mechanics, graphics, gameplay and feel of this game are very solid start(except the major amount of bugs, but you most likely know about those so I hope you are working on them) and me and my friends would very much enjoy investing in this game like we did in Vermintide2 and I hope you manage to grow from good to great!
Thank you FS