My run to level 29 on Ogryn

So I have spent a few days playing between work. All done casually with pugs, I am a veteran player with tons of L4D and Vermintide experience. so far the problems I have are the big and obvious issues.

The missing features that I was expecting to have in a full release (I.E. Class trees, at least 1 whole other character, scoreboard, actual story mission line that I could follow along.)

The bugs were pretty annoying (I.E. Scriptures and Grims that nobody is able to pick up, enemies spawning literally on top of me, constant crashes not even during fights most of the time.)

Mission select feels bad, but not unbearable.(I.E. I cant choose exactly what I want to do I have to choose between totally random or random stages you picked for me. This can be good or bad depending on perspective and implementation keeping the game a little more fresh but i don’t personally like it as it is. maybe just some growing pains)

Also the fact that scriptures and Grimoires are only available on select missions and not always available like before. I could understand allowing people to choose to include them or not, but as it is now cant be how it was intended. Removing/Limiting player choice always impacts gameplay, and I hope this is just another thing that is how it is because of a rushed launch.

Individual inventory instead of shared.

There are also plenty of other small gripes that I had but are not really useful for feedback as its all opinions on weapons and itemization that I’m not far enough in to speak on yet.

Other than the issues listed above I’ve had a lot of fun with the game and plan to keep playing. This feels like a rushed release due to missing a time frame so I can at least wait and see what happens moving forward. But if one of the first major update to fix some or a lot of these issues comes in the form of a paid DLC I’m going to be asking for a refund immediately.

Edit. Adding bit about Scriptures and Grims