'Shadows Over Bögenhafen' - DLC Coming on August 28th

“Now listen close, and listen good. I need you to get your filthy hands on the Blightreaper, but don’t you even think about wielding it…”

(We will have additional information soon when the store page is ready to go out and further details, such as price, have been set in stone)


At the same Time , Monster hunter appears on Nintendo Switch… how dare you FS…

Is the blightreaper a sword that can kill blightstormers in a single sweep?!!

Runs enthusiastically up to blightstormer with new DLC sword.

Kruber kills blightstomer with a body shot from a handgun from half a kilometer away instead

“So when I say don’t use the Blightreaper, I bloody mean it. Just bring it back here, and we’ll keep it safe until we can get rid of it quietly. Better for everyone that way, don’t you think? I’d hate to send one of my …other associates… after you, what with everything we’ve been through together.”


then our update for bug fix or balancing will be on august 28th too?

anyway thx for updating game i really love your game


Love the game too, when it works. However, will not be buying any DLC on principal unless it comes alongside a free update that fixes the biggest issues not fixed since launch, balances careers, provides QOL changes to crafting and duplicate reds and approves all the useful mods in the workshop for official realm.


Based on the Dev’s responses on the subreddit, it seems the DLC will come with a rather large patch (1.2 I believe) which will address a lot of issues that have been around since launch, such as patrol pathing, broken talents and map issues.

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What would be really good is if the devs actually posted those responses on THEIR OWN damn official forum.


At least they ve not forgot to post this announce LUL

don’t count on it.

the same issues that were supposedly fixed in four different patches? Yeah,I highly doubt they’ll be able to manage this(also I wonder how many game breaking bugs will it introduce).

Good to know the DLC is coming, it might be fun when I buy it on a 75% discount on christmas.


Nice! Been waiting for this! I dont care…I am buying it. I am fully invested in this game, bumps and all.
Cant wait to see the new maps and hopefully a nice big patch to fix a lot of the issues. The big issues for me right now are talents not working correctly. Especially the ones that only work when you host!


So, is there any “spoiler” what would be fixed? Illusions? Animations? Slot system? Hordes and specials spawning 2 meters in front of you? Or just “we have bunch of fixes for you”

I dont understand this practice of bundling loads of fixes, changes, possibly balance together with an expansion. Wouldnt it be better to fix the base game first and then build on it? Wouldnt it make finding whats causing possible bugs easier?

I have no idea about programming, but it sounds more reasonable to me to patch the game more frequently and in smaller waves instead of cramming everything into one major release. I understand thats not the case on the console versions because of licensing and the process of approval they have to go through everytime they want to change anything in their game.


And restore faith in FS amongst people? So they buy dlc feeling they doing good job supporting developer that cares about their fan base? No, better release dlc full of old and new bugs, so fans feel themselves as a dirty wh*** spending money on such a thing


Even if it´s reasonable, it´s the false way. If there is nothing, which break the game constantly, like skittergate once or maybe one career-pick causes crashes, there is no need for lil updates or hotfixes.
If you correct a bug at X, this change or just the patch could cause a bug at Y.
It´s definately better to fix as lot as you can, test it as far as you can and bring it in big major-updates. The chance that these “new fixes and content” work pretty well together is the highest then.
The same is just the patch that you load by yourself. 10 lil patches = 10 times something could go wrong.
1 big patch = 1 time something could go wrong.

If FS brings a bunch of fixes with the DLC, they did all correct.


They actually do little fixes. Did you ever start the game an there was a small download?
I reported this: http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/vanquisher-of-chaos-frame-0081-name/25533?u=haxorzist
And it got fixed. I never saw it mentioned in any larger patch. (please correct me if I overseen it)

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Hope these changes include weapon balances for the other weapons that are subpar.

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But I still don’t get why you can’t at least try to fix balance a bit Fatshark.
Are you afraid that if you do a certain change and but regret it later that the community won’t take it? (Of coarse not all will take it. Great huntsman nuke™ anyone? Do I need to repost those videos?)
If you ask me just try any solution you or the community came up with or open a tread yourself to discuss it. (That would probably get the best results. Remember unlike our treads you can ban people to keep it clean)

If a little patch introduces a problem, they have a way higher chance of finding what caused it by examining said little patch and are able to fix it faster. If a big patch brings any number of problems that are not directly apparent what caused them, they have to look at everything to find out what caused the problem, taking way longer (For how many days did the backend error survive that came with 1.1? Right, its archived. Almost 2 weeks) For reference:

Patch 1.1 on May 31. : [PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch Content Update
Patch on June 12. : [PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch

It’s not only about backend errors… It’s about all bugs… you’re right that it’s easier to track something with the lil patch, but if you patch step by step, it’s much more work in the end. The next fix could’ve ended in the same Backend error and they have to search again and again… just remember the packmaster audio issue… Hotfix into Hotfix into Hotfix…
It’s more useful and ressourceful to take some time… it wont help the game to Hotfix everything… it all have to work together in a big Update… it saves time and they can concentrate on minor issues and don’t have to find/ fix new bugs from every Patch…

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