'Shadows Over Bögenhafen' - DLC Coming on August 28th

If a “fix” leads into the same problem again, then its a poor fix. Simple as that. And if a fix they put in place for a bug in a major update fails to deliver, how is that ANY different from a tiny update’s bug.

Again, exactly how does it reduce the time they spend on finding and fixing a bug if they bundle together a big update? 2 weeks. For 2 weeks a game-breaking bug was in the game that affected every single player that gave a damn about the loot system, their gear, anything inventory related.

fat shark, i am at inventory cap, cannot open more boxes. being stuck in this state and cannot get the new DLC weapon if nothing is changed :frowning:

plz help D:!

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What is the cap? And does dust and scrap stuff count towards it?

i believe the cap is 1000 items.

items that counts towards this cap are:

gear, deeds, illusions.

which is kindda awkward because im reaching the 100 game hat thingy. i dont think i can get it now lol.

ok im all depressed now ._.

who is lohner kidding, the ubersreik 5 is all he’s got! or 4 it doesn’t matter

Does scrapping items not clear space?

The saddest thing about this is how we’re still getting bug fixes of things that were supposedly fixed,meanwhile we had so few balance changes that the game became extremely repetitive for dedicated players.

Health on kill, UP weapons that you’d like to use more often,only why lessen your chances of getting an nth duplicate of a red that you don’t want if you can just take halberd so that maybe you can survive those 4 disablers simultaneously spawning inside a horde that’s in melee range? The only place where weapon choice doesn’t matter is the barrels by the bridge on Halescourge,because you can attack through them and laugh at the absurdity of a ratling being pushed out by 60 rats spawning directly on him(I really wonder where the good 'ol horde spawn points from L4D went).

New maps being released is cool,this way we won’t have to wander about spots on vanilla maps that are dead ends serving no purpose whatsoever.

I hope theres new weapons and cosmetics but ill take balances and bug fixes too :grinning:

It was another problem… the blightstormer audio issue. ^^

It could be even 1 year to find and fix a bug like this, because it could be all. Or just 1 day if you’re lucky. You cant take that 2 weeks as standard.

Everything has a relationship in the code. It happens so fast, that something is broken with a new patch and you haven’t changed there something. Just new Content or another bug fix cant work together with it in some situations.

If you really want to be sure, that all works fine , you’ve to test nearly the whole game, after every lil fix. The Audio issue is the perfect example for it.

Community cries - hotfix - hotfix was ok , but brought a new bug - Community cries again - FS have to investigate and looses time to fix other stuff.
It’s better to bring a major update , which got tested as good as they could , than to “repair” the game at every corner in an endless loop.

Programming isnt that easy , like the most maybe think. You cant switch a variable and say " it will all work now. "

yes… about that

i dont wanna scrap red items or hats.

nothing else to salvage im afraid :I

Sounds like they MIGHT have spent more time making sure everyone was working from the same version so they don’t reintroduce the old bugs. Only time will tell though :D. Once again, I am cautiously optimistic as I still enjoy the game and would welcome any content at this stage.

Can’t remember the exact details of the comment but I remember thinking at the time that it sounds like a lot of the main issues plaguing the community at the moment. We’ll probably just have to patiently wait until its out before we know as I doubt we will receive any significant bits of information before the release.

I hope these new maps will have their own separate quick play, otherwise we won’t get to see them very oftnen.

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so u pretend u have 1000 reds, hats and deeds?

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Add here tonn of illusions we can’t manage well coz of poor UI, and it’s prety possible to have such amount.

This seems like a non issue, just destroy items that you have no use for.

It’s your choice then and your problem. You are telling me you have 1000 items that consist of only reds and hats…

You really need more than 2 or 3 of each red weapon? No you don’t.


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You may not belive, but I had the same issue few month ago when FS implimented extracting illusions w/o cost in scrap, I started to collect illusion I like. And there was a problem, while extracring illusions I can’t see which illusion I have and which one I don’t have. Also, there are ppl who plays more then one career and more then one character, just FYI, I have around 250 different weapons and jewelry pieces, and using more than 200 of them. But hey, I still don’t have all red weapons I wanted, also there are a bunch of hats and skin recolours. And yes, this are the numbers of items left after I get rid of most trash after getting that “you’re out of space” shіt.

We’re looking in to ways to alleviate the inventory problem, but a form of cap is necessary.

As for dust and scraps, each of those individual types counts as 1 item. So 99x green, 24x blue would count as 2 items, for example.

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