Shade repeatedly targeted whilst invisible and some other issues

Playing shade experiencing-

Sticking weapon switch especially with Javelin.

Enemies randomly seeing and targeting whilst invisible, some stormies 180 and instakill with an overhead then suddenly revert to what they were actually targeting.

Phantom hits with daggers held in block.

Packmasters and storm verm in breeding on the spot- duplicating (or having 2 spawn in the exact spot doing the exact same animation inside the same slot.

Balls of patrols are appearing out of nowhere- especially on War Camp toward the beginning drop.

All this happens on Cata and unaffected by mods.

Hope this helps.

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Happens with a lot of Sienna’s staves also

Could this be ping related ?

Usual though no less annoying

It is ping related.Enemies take a while before they actually register you as being invisible offhost.Vanish when chained doesnt actually keep you invisible 100% of the time but rather just refreshes the duration each time with a second or so of getting uncloaked first.

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