Invisible bug

Like Shade in several patches, invis isn’t working properly. Have hounds, mutants and gunners targeting when in stealth for both Vet and Zealot. Mostly vet. Is a game ender when it doesn’t work when you need it. Mutants will tour half a map to get you even when invisible.

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As far as I can tell, if any grabber hard collides with you, you get grabbed even while invis (which probably makes sense). Are you sure you’re not standing in the way of a mutant that’s charging an ally, or so close to you that it can’t stop?

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Nah it’s happened multiple times- on carnival before on damnation, all team downed, went invis to get a res. A mutant darted down a flight of stairs, round 2 corners straight for me. Nabbed me and smashed me up while invisible. Another time a doggo that had not prepounced yet lept round a 90degree corner and pinned me for the 2 more seconds I was invis (have the 6 sec talent set). Once or twice is meh, but this has now happened at least 9 times today. Just something needs looking into.

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I’ve been targeted and shot by snipers while stealthed, and had muties make instant 90 turns to get me while stealthed. It happens. I imagine they used old glitched up vt2 code for it.

on patch 13 this issue happened often.

had a game as zealot when i activated shroudfield to kill a bomber. as i was closing the gap to backstab, the bomber casually drop its bomb at its feet, like knowing i am close behind him. its all happening while im invisible and its knows my position.

also had a game as stealth vet, and im being shot by sniper while invisible. the animation of being pushed back while being shot and the shot sound is played by the game, but i am not taking any hp dmg.

this issue need to be fixed.

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